Is Tel Aviv weather December good for sightseeing?

Looking for a place to escape from snow and cold weather and wondering if is Israel the perfect destination for your December holiday?

Read this article to find out if Tel Aviv weather December is exactly what you are looking for during your winter escape.

Weather in Tel Aviv December

Temperature and rain

The last month of the year is considered to be a winter month in Israel although the temperatures are above 0 degrees Celsius and there is no snow outside.

It is not the typical winter month everybody expects to be honest!

Actually, Tel Aviv- Jaffo is a year-round destination with almost 300 days of sun, the ideal place to spend an entire holiday or why not, just a relaxing city break.

The city climate is influenced by the interior Mediterranean climate and this means that you have to expect cooler weather, a little bit of rain, sometimes even thunderstorms.

Tel Aviv weather December
Tel Aviv December weather

During wintertime, the climate is mild with weather averages temperature between 19 degrees Celsius (average maximum) and 11 degrees Celsius (lowest average).

Still, there might be extremely warm days with average high temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius and zero rainy days, so Tel Aviv weather December makes you feel like it’s June.

As a general rule, you have to know that the warmest time during December is the first week of the month, although rain in December and thunderstorms might appear during this time too.

Based on the recent statistics, I can tell you that in the last couple of years there were an average of 9 days of rain the entire month.


December is a pretty humid month of the year so the weather in Tel Aviv December might be a little bit too humid for your taste, with an average relative humidity level of 65% (based on recent studies).

Seawater temperature

We cannot discuss Tel Aviv weather December if we don’t talk a little bit about the seawater temperature.

I am sure that you think about the possibility of taking a bath into the sea when you visit Tel Aviv, even though you go on holiday in December.

Well, the seawater temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, which is a little bit chiller in my opinion.

Weather in Tel Aviv December
Weather in Tel Aviv December

Swimming in the sea at this temperature is not something enjoyable for most of us.

After a few minutes in these waters, breathing problems might appear, you might panic and this is the last thing you want to happen when you are in the middle of the sea.

Mainly because of this reason, I don’t advise you to swim in the sea in December.

Weather in Tel Aviv December is perfect for sightseeing and maybe laying a few hours on the beach to perfect your tan, but not to swim in the sea.

Daylight and sunshine

December is a winter month so don’t expect too many hours of light, especially if you compare it with July or August.

Actually, December has the shortest days of the year when we speak about daylight, with average daylight of 10 hours!

With so little daylight, I am sure that you already know that the hours of sunshine are even less; there is average sunshine of 6 hours per day.

Tel Aviv weather December
Tel Aviv December weather

December has another record, being the month of the year with the least sunshine of the entire year in Tel Aviv Yafo.

So, when planning your trip to Tel Aviv Yafo take into consideration not just the weather in Tel Aviv December but also the daylight and sunshine!

Tel Aviv weather December and what to do

Taking all these aspects into consideration, I would say that Israel in December is good for sightseeing and exploring, not necessarily for swimming into the sea and bathing.

I would recommend you to include into your travel list at least one of these famous festivals that take place on a yearly basis in Tel Aviv-Yafo:

  • Tel Aviv Jazz Festival
  • World Food Market Winter Feast and
  • Tel Aviv Winter Fashion Market.

Besides these entertaining evenings, there are many other interesting things to do in Tel Aviv during winter, like

  • Escape rooms,
  • Eretz Israel Museum’s planetarium or
  • Cinematheque where independent movies play.

Tel Aviv is an amazing destination for your winter escape, not just because the weather in Tel Aviv December is perfect for sightseeing but also because there are many interesting activities and a lot of amazing places to visit.

Where to stay

Book your accommodation at Cucu Hotel, a wonderful hotel located 100 metres from the city centre and 50 metres from the beach.

Around the hotel, there are plenty of bars and restaurants, while the Dizengoff Centre is only 150 metres away.

The rooms of the hotel are clean and modern, while for breakfast they serve Israeli food.

Weather in Tel Aviv December or December weather is perfect for sightseeing so pack your bags and hit the road as many wonderful attractions are waiting to be discovered including the Dead Sea!

December is definitely a good time to visit Tel Aviv as the city is quieter and the highest number of tourists had not arrived yet!

Plan your trip to this beautiful place: Logistical tips and tricks

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