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Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: Finding the Most Convenient Route

As I set out from Tel Aviv towards Jerusalem, I found myself immersed in a rich tapestry of history, culture, and spirituality.

Each passing mile seemed to carry me deeper into the heart of a story centuries in the making, igniting my anticipation for the sacred sites awaiting discovery in Jerusalem and the vibrant energy pulsating through the streets of Tel Aviv.

This journey wasn’t just about covering distance; it was about delving into a profound quest for understanding and connection.

Join me as I unveil the easiest and most seamless ways to traverse this iconic path, ensuring that your own journey is as effortless as it is enriching.

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Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s gate to the world because here, right near this vibrant city is located the main international airport known as Ben Gurion International Airport, the largest airport from the country.

The good news is that from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is just a short ride and you definitely have to visit this magnificent town at least once when visit Israel.

There are multiple options available if you are thinking to visit Jerusalem.

You can choose to rent a car and get to Jerusalem and then explore the whole area by yourself or you can take a train, a bus, a private transfer or a guided tour and visit the Old City of Jerusalem.

Tel aviv to Jerusalem
Tel aviv to Jerusalem

Visiting Jerusalem with a rented car

We choose to visit Israel in September because the crowds are gone, the prices drop a little bit and the weather is perfect for exploring the area.

We rented a car from Ben Gurion International airport and we designed a tour across the country in which we included the Jerusalem to Tel Aviv trip.

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It was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had as we had the freedom and mobility to move around the area and visit whatever we wanted.

Car rental Israel Jerusalem
Car rental Israel Jerusalem

The price for rented cars start from 40 USD per day but it may vary depending on the car size and insurance chosen.

I was fascinated by how old and new mix together and how unique and different is each city.

We felt in love with Jerusalem for the minute we entered the Old City and we have been fascinated by Israeli landscape as soon as we got off the plane.

The journey between Jerusalem to Tel Aviv lasts for about an hour depending on traffic conditions and the hour you choose to go, while from Ben Gurion International Airport there are just 25 kilometres.

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by train

The good news for those of you looking to travel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv or the other way around is that there is a high-speed train which runs between these two cities.

The high-speed trains link Hagana railway station in south Tel Aviv with Ben Gurion International Airport and Yitzhak Navon Jerusalem.

Remember to go to Hagana railway station from Tel Aviv not Savidor Central as this is something else!

Israel Train to Tel Aviv
Israel Train to Tel Aviv

The train ride lasts for 35 minutes and there is a train every 30 minutes from Sunday to Thursday from 6.20 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. which leaves from Tel Aviv Hagana.

On Saturday nights there is just one train every 60 minutes running in each direction from 9:56 to midnight.

Taking into consideration the increased number of travellers and locals who use the train, the authorities are discussing the possibility of increasing the number of trains per hour from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

Getting to Jerusalem by bus

The easiest and most comfortable way to get to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv is with the bus from Tel Aviv’s Arlozorov terminal.

You go to Tel Aviv Savidor Mercaz train station and just outside the terminal there is the bus station.

Be careful when moving around as Arlozorov terminal is not the same with Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station so don’t get confused and go to the correct terminal if you want to catch the bus to The Holy City.

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem Israel
Dome of the Rock Jerusalem Israel

There are different bus routes and different bus company which operates from these two stations so don’t get confused.

With the right bus you can even get to the Dead Sea if you are interested in visiting this place too!

The tickets for the ride can be bought from the bus terminal and the final stop is at Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station.

Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station is also known as „Tachana Mercazit”; from there, on the third floor of the mall, you get the direct bus to Tel Aviv.

The price for a ticket is around 20 NIS and the trip lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions.

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv private transfer

Private transfers are extremely comfortable and relaxing and a great way to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem especially if you don’t want to rent a car.

The cars used for private transfers are modern, well maintained and high-quality brands so it is a pleasure to travel not just inside the cities but also from one city to another.

You can prebook your car in advance and you don’t have to worry about where is the bus station or how is traffic around!

Let others worry with all these little things related to organizing and planning your trip as the transfers pick you up from the exact place you indicate and take you to the place where you need to go.

A guided tour from Tel Aviv

If you like to travel stressfree and let others worry with planning and organizing your trip then a guided tour is what you are looking for.

From Tel Aviv: Old & New Jerusalem Full-Day Small-Group Tour is the perfect guided tour for you! It starts at 7.15 a.m. in Tel Aviv and visits the Old Town of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulcher Church, the Western Wall and the Holocaust Museum.

In the price, you have included a professional guide who can answer all your questions about these magnificent attractions, the transportation cost, entrance fees and the pickup and drop off.

From Tel Aviv Old and New Jerusalem Full-day Small Group Tour Guide
From Tel Aviv Old and New Jerusalem Full-day Small Group Tour Guide

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with a shared taxi

Another option to get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is to grab and inter-city taxi known as Sherut in the local language.

These taxis are painted in yellow and are usually minivans resembling taxis on steroids.

In Tel Aviv, these cars are very easy to recognise as they move along the city’s streets after a pre-determined itinerary.

To pick an inter-city taxi you need to go to Tzemach David street right near the Central Bus Station.

The inter-city taxi station is located outside the station and it is very easy to find after the great number of yellow minivans gathered in the same place.

Western Wall Jerusalem Israel
Western Wall Jerusalem Israel

The taxis leave when all the places are occupied; each taxi has a plate with the city where it is going.

Unfortunately, all the places are in Hebrew so ask the driver to confirm the destination of the car.

Generally, the inter-city shared taxis go to Haifa, Jerusalem, Netanya or Ashkelon; that is why you need to confirm with the driver the destination before jumping in.

In Jerusalem, there are multiple stations along the way.

The last stop is near Zion Square at the bottom of the Ben Yehuda pedestrian street, right in the city center.

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

The big advantage of a shared taxi is the convenient drop-off, right near the centre of the city and the fact that they run during the Shabbat when regular buses don’t.

These are the best ways to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if you are interested in visiting this magnificent old city, claimed by Israeli people to be the capital of this country and one of the most beautiful cities of Israel.

I had really great memories from this trip and especially from Jerusalem and I must tell you it is a place which should be on your travel list!

I invite you to share with us your experience and impressions if you had visited Jerusalem and Israel!

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