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Kiotari Rhodes May Weather: What to Expect

The sun is shining, the average sea temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius so the weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May is ideal for an unforgettable holiday.

Greek islands are a very popular destination among tourists from all over the world looking to have fun, relax and perfect their tan.

Greece has more than 220 inhabited islands, so there are much more beautiful places to visit than just Mykonos or Santorini.


weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May Kiotari beach on Rhodes

Kiotari Rhodes weather in May Kiotari beach on Rhodes


I am sure you have heard about these two islands and saw many beautiful pictures from there but how about spending a relaxing holiday on Rhodes island?

General information

Rhodes is the largest island from the Dodecanese islands and attracts tourists from all over the world because of its amazing beaches, rich history and interesting sceneries.

From all the beaches from the island, my favourite one is the Kiotari beach with its luxury hotels, great restaurants and tavernas and turquoise waters.


Kiotari on Rhodes Island Greece weather in may

Kiotari on Rhodes Island Greece weather in may


Kiotari has developed a lot in the last 10 years and attracts many people for all over the world.

Its vast beaches, shallow waters and all the modern facilities within walking distance are prefered by tourists.

Unfortunately, the increased number of tourists who visit the place each year transformed the place and made it lose the traditional vibe.

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All over the place, there are hotels and restaurants and there is a modern and touristy vibe in the air.

But the great news is that you can do everything you can ask for within a few minutes walk: hotels with private beaches, restaurants and shops.


Beach of kiotari on rhodes island greece Weather in Kiotari in May Rhodes

Beach of kiotari on rhodes island greece Weather in Kiotari in May Rhodes


The place is ideal for families and couples looking to spend some relaxing moments by the sea as the weather in May is perfect for this.

Weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May

Rhodes climate makes this island the perfect destination all year round, being one of those places with long summers and mild winters.

The average temperature on the island is around 21 degrees Celsius during the month of May.

The average maximum temperatures recorded in Kiotari is around 24 degrees Celsius.



Mornings and evenings are a little bit colder with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, so you’d better take a sweater with you if you plan to stay longer outside.

During the day, the weather is perfect for sightseeing and laying in the sun, as it is not very hot and the humidity is at the level of 69%.

As for the rain, based on the statistics, you will have about 73% chances to have a perfect sunny day and just 27% of seeing some clouds in the sky.

During the entire month, there might be about 3 days of rain, so the weather will not ruin your holiday at all.


Beach of kiotari on rhodes island greece Weather in Kiotari in May Rhodes

Beach of kiotari on rhodes island greece Weather in Kiotari in May Rhodes


And for those of you looking to bathe in the sea, I want you to know that The seawater temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

For some of you might be a little too cold to bathe, but after staying in the hot sun for long, it is quite refreshing to enter the water for a couple of minutes, trust me.

Just book your flight and hotel and hit the road as the weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May is just great and there are so many interesting things to try!

Things to do in Kiotari

After you get bored with staying in the sun, here are some interesting things you can try while in the area:

  • Watersports- there are at least 3 watersports schools on the beach so this is the perfect place to whizz across the bay on skis, a wakeboard or an inflatable sofa
  • Panoramic train– take the panoramic train for a tour of the resort; the tour will take you about an hour and all you need to do is to sit back and admire the view
  • Horse Riding– just imagine how romantic could it be to ride a horse along the beach when the sun is setting. You can ride a horse along the beach or through the forest trails, the experience is unique and worth giving a shot
  • Boat trip– take a glass-bottom boat or a larger catamaran and cruise to Lindos, a spectacular town located in the nearby area
  • Luxury yacht cruise– take a day trip on a luxury yacht cruise and I am sure you will remember it for the rest of your life. In the price, you’ll have included skipper, transfers, insurance, snorkel equipment and Mediterranean lunch. You will pass near pristine and secluded beaches and the small fishermen village of Plimiri.

Hotels in Kiotari

Now that you see how friendly is the weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May, it’s time to book your hotel in the area.

Princess Andriana Resort Spa Rhodos is the best place where you and your family could stay for the holiday.

This 5-star hotel gives a new meaning to the all-inclusive experience, offering snacks and light meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The hotel features stylish rooms with amazing views over the pool and the sea, while some of the rooms have their own private pool.

The resort is conveniently located right on the beach and within walking distance from the bars, shops and restaurants from Kiotari.

Children have their own pool with waterslides where they can play the whole day or they can choose to go to the kids club where entertaining programs are available all day.


Kiotari is definitely one of the most popular destinations for Rhodes and is a great place to stay as the weather in Kiotari Rhodes in May is great and everything is within walking minutes from the hotel.

Being such a popular area, it is extremely crowded during peak season, so I advise you to plan your holiday well ahead and book a room with a spectacular view of the sea!