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Kalithea Rhodes Weather in May: What to Expect

Daily temperatures are around 24 degrees Celsius during the daytime, so yes, the weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May is perfect for sightseeing and bathing.

General information about Kalithea

One of Rhodes hidden gems, Kalithea is a very popular beach among locals which gained very high popularity among tourists in the last years.

The beach area is composed of many small creeks covered with pine trees and the waters are deep, so be careful when bathing in the area.


weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May Bay and beach of Kalithea Springs

weather in May in Kalithea Rhodes beach of Kalithea Springs


In the area, there are many beautiful beaches and some very famous spa baths located on the eastern coast of Rhodes.

The beaches are well organized and offer cafes, restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas where tourists and locals like to stay around.

Stay safe while you travel

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  • medical assistance including COVID-19
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The islets and small covers from the area are surrounded by sculptured rocks and caves and offer intimacy and opportunities for those of you interested in exploring the area.


Kalithea beaches and hotels weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May

Kalithea beaches and hotels weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May


You can choose to lay on the beach for the whole day or take an underwater diving trip arranged by local companies from the area.

Kallithea Spa

This amazing spa was built in 1920 by the Italians during the time when they rule the island.

According to the historical evidence, locals know about this place from antiquity.

Hippocrates, the father of all physicians, drank and recommended the healing qualities of these waters.



It is believed that the waters had healing properties and were good for those with stomach troubles.

Today the whole spa area has been renovated and even if the waters have long-since dried up, many people visit the area for bathing in the crystal sea and enjoy the views.

Weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May

The average maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius during the day and 15 degrees Celsius at night.

So, if you plan to stay out for long in the evening or you like to wake up early for a short walk, you’d better take a sweater with you.

During May the days are long and sunny, with an average of 11 hours of light each day, so you have enough time to explore the island.

For those of you interested in taking a bath, I want you to know that the sea temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius.


Stegna beach on geek island Weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May

Stegna beach on geek island Weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May


Bathing in this month might not be for everybody but after you stay in the sun for a couple of hours you might be tempted to try the water, too.

As for the rain, you don’t have to worry at all as there are about 4 days with some rain during the whole month of May.

And when I say days with rain don’t imagine that it will rain from morning till evening.

There will be scattered showers or a short rain, so you can enjoy the rest of the day at the beach or exploring the island.

Things to do in Kalithea

Now that you know how great is the weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May, let’s discover together which are the most interesting things to do while you are around:

  • visit Kalithea springs
  • Take a trip to Lindos Acropolis, located within 3 miles away from Kalithea
  • Try some traditional Greek food at Koskinou Traditional house
  • Book a boat tour with a local company
  • Take some sailing lessons and enjoy the view from the sea

Where to stay

Eden Roc Resort Rhodes is a great option to stay in Kalithea with amazing service, a real oasis of tranquillity next to the sea.

This amazing hotel has 4 pools and a private beach and is just a short drive from Rhodes Town.

The resort is split into two parts: the main hotel and the Eden Village, the area where the bungalows are built.

9 restaurants and 5 bars, all available within the All-inclusive package can be found on-site and used without any limitations, but reservation is required for dinner at a la carte restaurants.

On-site you will find a kids club and a very vibrant entertainment programme so that your kid never gets bored while you perfect your tan.


Not just the weather in Kalithea Rhodes in May is perfect for an early summer holiday, but also the view and the facilities from this area are great.

And there is one more thing I want to tell you, and it is about the prices, which are lower during this time of the year.

Book your trip well in advance to secure the best price-quality ratio as the weather in Rhodes May is exactly what you need for a relaxing holiday!