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Weather in Rhodes in May, pros and cons for visiting

Not too hot, nor too cold with enough hours of sunshine and very few days of rain, weather in Rhodes in May is just perfect for an early summer season.

I am that kind of person who prefers to go on holiday in shoulder season because it is less crowded and the prices are lower.

And because Rhodes weather in May is perfect for an early summer escape I bought the plane tickets and booked the hotel and here I am, on a beautiful beach sipping from a delicious cocktail!

In this article, I will tell you why Rhodes is such a perfect destination in May and which are the pros and cons of visiting Rhodes during this month.


Pros for visiting Rhodes in May

1. Weather in Rhodes in May

The first on my pro list is definitely the weather which is incredible for a summer escape in this magnificent island.

You can smell in the air the summer air even mornings and evenings are a little bit cold and breeze, as it is still the end of spring.

The best thing about this is that you can stay on the beach and perfect your tan until 11.30 a.m and come back just a little bit after 3 p.m.

The air is still fresh and breezy so you don’t need to turn on your AC in the room during the daytime.

Weather in Rhodes in May

May weather in Rhodes

Another great news is that the mosquitos haven’t arrived yet so you can stay outside even at dusk without being disturbed by any insect.

If you don’t feel attractive about the idea of spending the entire day at the beach, then you should not be worried.

Rhodes is full of amazing ancient ruins, beautiful nature and cosy villages, perfect places to chill and explore after a warm morning on the beach.

2. The crowds have not arrived yet

Although the weather in Rhodes in May is perfect for holiday, most of the tourists hesitate to visit this island so early and prefer to book their holiday in July or August when is peak season.

Lindos Town Greek Island Rhodes

Lindos Town Greek Island Rhodes

Because the number of tourists is still low, it is one of the very few opportunities when you can say that you have the beach just for yourself. You don’t have to hurry to grab the best sunchair and umbrella, there is room for everyone.


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3. Good offers and attractive prices

The prices are still low and you can choose the best accommodation at the best price, especially if you book in advance.

We had a really great hotel for our stay in Rhodes from the end of May.

Its name is Sentido Port Royal and is a great 5-star hotel with great services, delicious food, 2 huge outdoor pools and a private beach.

It is also a great time to rent a car and explore the island by yourself!

The island is not very crowded and the road conditions are excellent so renting a car is a really great decision.

Get the best price for your car rental today

Regarding the car rental prices, I can tell you they are cheaper than in high season and you have a really wide range of cars to choose of.

Take your car directly from the airport or from Rhodes town and plan your itinerary around the island, not to miss any attraction!

Also, the prices for food is lower in May than during peak season no matter if you choose to buy products from groceries to eat at a restaurant.

Cons for visiting Rhodes in May

The weather in Rhodes in May, as well as the prices, are among the most important factors which determine each tourist to visit this island in early summer.

Let’s discover together which are the cons factors and if they really can influence our decision.

1. Water temperature

With an average temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius, Rhodes is perfect for perfecting your tan and exploring places.

For those of you anxious to bathe in the sea, I advise you to think twice as the sea temperature is still pretty cold, around 20 degrees Celsius.

Rhodes the best greek islands for families

Rhodes the best greek island for families

Still, if you want to swim in the sea, then you should choose the eastern part of the island as the waters are a little bit warmer.

The maximum water temperature is reached in the month of August when the water has around 25-26 degrees Celsius and the outside temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius, perfect for bathing and perfecting your tan.

But until then, you have to get used with more refreshing water and an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

2. Some of the Rhodes attractions are closed

Summer season starts on the 1st of June, so some attractions from the island might be closed in May.

In this situation is the Butterfly Valley, not because there are no visitors interested but because there are no butterfliers in there during this time of the year.

To be honest with you I think I have all the reasons to believe that May is one of the best months to visit Rhodes!