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October’s Hotspot: Discovering the Hottest Greek Island

It was not an easy process to choose which is the warmest greek island in October as there were many options in my mind.

I know for sure that the whole of Greece has good weather for your July and August holiday, but the prices are quite high, so picking the best Greek island for your October holiday equals a wonderful holiday on a reasonable budget.

What’s the hottest greek island in October?

I was thinking about Rhodes, Santorini, Zakynthos, Crete and even Corfu and I was not sure which one was the best option.

Still, if we compare the average temperature, the sea temperature and the rainfall from these 5 places, for sure Crete is the winner.


Now that is clear for everybody why Crete is the best place to visit in Greece in October, let’s talk a little bit about the weather and what you can do on this magnificent strip of land.

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But first of all, let’s see which is the easiest and fastest way to get to Crete.

the hottest greek island in October
the hottest greek island in October

1. Getting to Crete

There two ways to travel to this magnificent strip of land: by plane or by ferry.

1.1 Travelling by plane

The plane is faster, more comfortable but more expensive; you can choose from a charter flight or a scheduled one.

Warmest greek island in October
Warmest greek island in October

Charter flights are usually between April to October and are not always cheaper than scheduled ones.

The biggest advantage of charter flights is that you have a direct flight from most big cities in Europe to the island.

If you choose to take a scheduled flight you have to know that most probably you will have a stop in Athens, Greece capital.

Hottest greek island in October
Hottest greek island in October

From Athens you have to take a domestic flight to Chania or Heraklion; don’t worry as there are more than 5 flight per day to Crete, the hottest greek island in October.

Chania airport has recently become a hub airport for Ryan Air and this thing increased the number of destinations from where you can fly to Crete, the warmest greek island in October.

1.2 Travel by ferry

There is a regular ferryboat service from the port of Piraeus to Heraklion and Chania.

Ships depart every evening around 8.00 or 8.30 (times vary a little depending on the season) and arrive very early morning (generally between 5.00 or 6.00 am).

Stay safe while you travel

  • medical safety abroad
  • medical assistance including COVID-19
  • emergency medical evacuation
  • trip interruption -up to $5.000
  • travel delay - up to $100/day

The ships are quite modern, cheaper than flying and can be quite romantic (if they are not too crowded). Avoid weekends and especially the beginning and end of holidays.

Oh, and there is something else you need to know: if you want a cabin it is often safer to book in advance.

2. Weather in Crete in October

October is the second autumn month on this magnificent island so you have to expect to lower temperatures and some rain.

Crete Greece the hottest greek island in October
Crete Greece the hottest greek island in October

When I say lower temperatures don’t you imagine that outside will be 10 degrees Celsius.

Especially on the first part of October, the weather is still pleasant and warm and the sun shines for about 7 hours each day.

The sea temperature is also good for bathing being around 23 degrees Celsius.

The warmest places from the island are generally located right near the sea, more or less at sea level where there are good temperatures all year round.

These will also have fewer days with rain comparing with the town from inside the island and located at a higher altitude.

The highest temperature ever recorded in October in Crete, the warmest greek island in October is 37 degrees Celsius (daytime temperature).

And the lowest temperature on the hottest greek island in October is 8 degrees Celsius.

Let’s see now which are the average temperatures and the number of rainy days in the most important towns from the island:

max TEMP
min TEMP
avg rain
days of rain

3. What to do in Crete in October

Being such a big island there are many interesting things to do during your holiday here during this shoulder season month.

You can swim in the sea, explore the island, taste the Cretan food and visit the ancient sites.

Places like Balos Lagoon and Elafonissi beach, the Vai palm forest of Preveli are just some of the places which should be included in your itinerary.

A tour of the main cities from the island is another good way to explore the place and get in touch with the local culture.

Or why not explore the Cretan caves and gorges hidden on higher altitudes of Crete when travel to Greece, the warmest greek island in October.

You can even book a boat tour for your visit in October and admire the island from the sea, as there are still day trips on the sea around the island as the weather in Greece is still the perfect time to explore the surroundings.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

4. Hotels in Crete

A great hotel can transform your beautiful holiday into a memorable experience and Crete has plenty of beautiful places to stay in and where you can spend some great time with your beloved ones.

I drop below my favourite hotels from the islands with amazing services, top facilities and incredible views:

  1. Blue Palace Crete located just 4 kilometres away from the mountain village of Elounda in magnificent scenery featuring bungalows, villas and suites, all spread over the 143 acres and a private beach.
  2. Lagon Life Spirit Boutique Hotel Crete from Chania, closely located to Koum Kapi beach featuring elegant rooms, an indoor pool amazing views of the sea.
  3. Kapsaliana Village Hotel Crete is an amazing resort inspired by nature’s beauty, a place where luxury gets a new meaning and where guests can relax in beautiful rooms inspired by Greece past.


The good news about visiting Crete in October is that the number of tourists is lower and the island is more peaceful and beautiful.

It is a good time of the year to visit Crete if you want to relax and enjoy the moment spend here without many tourists around.

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