Are these 5 of the best greek islands for families?

Greece has more than 200 inhabited islands spread around the mainland.

Some of these islands are considered the best for beaches, others for parties, while others are the best greek islands for families.

Zakynthos Greece the best greek islands for families
Zakynthos Greece Greek Islands for families

With so many islands to choose from it is pretty hard to know which one is best for you and your family.

We picked the best greek islands for couples and we will tell you for each one why we consider it best for your family.

1. Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest island from the Dodecanese group.

It is a very secluded island with many all-inclusive resorts, most of them having kids entertaining programs and pools designated for children.

The island is the perfect destination all year round, but our advice is to avoid going here in August.

August is peak season, so there are tourists everywhere and the prices increase a lot.

Rhodes Rodos Greece Greek Islands Beaches for families
Rhodes Rodos Greece Greek Islands Beach for families

We like to visit Rhodes in May or September when it is shoulder season because the prices are lower than in summer and the weather is just perfect for exploring the area and also for laying on the beach.

The east part of the island has many beautiful beaches perfect for your kids.

Lindos is our recommendation for a great family holiday.

Around this wonderful village, there are many beautiful beaches with shallow water, a great place where your kids can play.

Lardos is one of the best beaches for families.

Rhodes Rodos Greece the best greek islands for couples
Rhodes Rodos Greece Greek Islands Beach for couples

Here the kids can play in the sand while the parents can enjoy their day laying in the sun.

Where to stay: Princess Andriana Resort &Spa is a very beautiful hotel with many areas, especially for children.

There is a pool dedicated to children and a playground.

The hotel is located close to the beach and it has a minigolf terrain, table tennis, archery and entertainment for kids.

2. Crete, one of the best greek islands for families

Crete is one of the best greek islands for couples and families.

This island has hundreds of beaches child friendly with golden sandy beaches and shallow waters.

Matala, Makrigialos and Agia Pelagia are the most famous beaches for families.

Here the sand is perfect for your kids to play and the waters are warm and shallow.

Crete best Greek islands for couples
Crete best Greek island for couples

For a more exotic experience visit Elafonisi, a pink dusty beach considered by most tourists as one of the best beaches from Greece.

The good news is that Crete has the longest summer in Europe, so don’t rush to go in August when it is peak season.

Visiting Crete in May or in September is a very great option.

But Crete is not just wonderful beaches.

It is also a place full of history.

So, why don’t you take the opportunity and visit the ancient ruins from the island?

The Minoan Palace in Knossos or the Old Town of Chania is the most important places when speaking about history.

Where to sleep: Hotel Lyttos Beach is our suggestion for your Crete holiday.

The hotel is located right on the beach and has its own waterpark.

Children can have fun at the football field or at the kids’ pool and can have fun at the kids club where professional animators will make the kids laugh and enjoy their holiday

3. Corfu one of the best greek islands for couples

Also known as the “Emerald Isle”, Corfu is one of the best greek islands for families.

Corfu is considered by many as the greenest island of Greece.

The island has more than 57 beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Head up to Issos Beach, right near the Corfu town or rent a car and go to Dassya Bay, a blue flag beach and your kids will be more than happy to play in the sand and bathe in the shallow waters.

Corfu Greece Greek Beach for families
Corfu Greece Greek Beach for families

Oh! Not to mention Glyfada, a long golden sandy beach considered by tourists as the best beach from the island.

The best way to explore the island and discover all its wonderful beaches is by renting a car and taking a tour across the island.

Car is the best option as it helps you save time and energy while exploring this magnificent place!

Get the best price for your car rental today

Where to sleep: Kontokali Bay Hotel is our suggestion for Crete, one of the best greek islands for couples.

The hotel has a specially designated area for kids called “Children’s Village” where kids can enjoy their own pool, a playground and a playroom.

The hotel has its own beach and this is a good place for you and your kids to learn how to practice waterskiing as the hotel staff teach courses of this watersport.

4. Kos

Kos is a Greek island located very close to Turkey.

It is a pretty big island so you will find something suitable for everybody!

The Paradise beach is the most famous beach from Kos, one of the best greek islands for families.

This beach is also known as the “Bubble Beach” because of the bubbles which often can be seen in the water.

Kos Greek Beaches for Couples
Kos Greek Beaches for Couples

These bubbles are caused by volcanic activity from the underground.

The Paradise beach is ideal for families with kids because of its golden sandy beach and shallow waters, which makes this place an ideal playground for the little ones.

Where to sleep: How about Kipriotis Village Resort?!

This wonderful resort is a great choice for families with kids because it has a huge pool with a specially designated area for kids.

There are also a few water slides and an outdoor hot tub.

Even the food is suitable for children.

Kos Greece Paradise Beach for couples and families
Kos Greece Paradise Beach for couples and families

For breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have many dishes to choose from.

No matter how picky you are you won’t leave the restaurant hungry!

5. Zante or Zakynthos

This island is considered by many as the paradise for children and one of the best greek islands for couples.

The island is full of wonderful beaches, all-inclusive resorts and playgrounds dedicated to kids.

Everything from here is created having in mind the children desire to play and have fun.

Zakynthos Greece Greek Island for families
Zakynthos Greece Greek Island for families

Beach resorts like Kalamaki, Tsilivi and Alykanas are the most popular places among tourists looking to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Everything around these villages is child friendly.

Rent a car and explore the island!

Navagio beach located on the north side of the island or Alykes Beach with its shallow waters is the best beaches for families and kids.

While in the area, stop to Gerakas Beach and admire the sea turtles laying their eggs.

This beach is part of a marine reservation and each year sea turtles come here to lay their eggs.

From May to October, you might be witness to the incredible moment of hatching, when thousands of little turtles hatch and follow their road into the sea.

Where to sleep: Hotel Petros from Tsilivi is our suggestion to stay on one of the best greek islands for couples.

The hotel has a playroom and a playground, an outdoor pool for kids and it is located just 10 minutes walk from the beach.

These are the best greek islands for families!

Each of them has many attractions, very interesting for your kids and great places to go and have fun.

Zakynthos Blue Cave Greece Greek Islands for couples
Zakynthos Blue Cave Greece Greek Islands for couples

Most of the hotels from these islands have child-friendly areas where your kid can play and enjoy his holiday while you can relax in the pool and drink a cocktail! This is what I called a great holiday!

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Great suggestions. I’ve been to Rhodes and Crete but clearly need to get to the others as well. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Mark! Thank you for your feedback! Rhodes and Crete are indeed wonderful but the other Greek islands are amazing too! Actually, each greek island is unique and that is why you need to visit all of them!

I have been to Zante and I visited the shipwreck beach. It was the most amazing thing the water is such a turquoise blue colour it was lovely!

Hi Amber! Thank you for your feedback! Zante is indeed a wonderful place with many beautiful beaches and many places to visit! The other best Greek islands for families are beautiful and unique! I hope you will visit some of them sometimes in the future!

Crete seems like a beautiful exotic destination for families. Love your pictures, they make me want to visit Greece asap! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Aditin! Thank you for your feedback! Greece is amazing! I hope you will have the opportunity to visit it soon! Each island is unique and spectacular so we recommend you to visit as many islands as you can!

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