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November Travel Guide: Weather Tips for Greek Islands

Winter is coming but Greek islands weather November is not too cold or rainy for the last escape before the first snow of the season.

Greek islands November weather and what to expect

You should expect a mix of mild weather with warm sunny days and plenty of rain mixed in.

The weather is not ideal for going to the beach, not to mention swimming in the sea.

Most of the restaurants and hotels are closed, the crowds are gone, the prices are low but nature is incredible.

Milos Greek Island Greece Greek islands weather November

Milos Greek Island Greece

If you travel to Greek islands during this time of the year you will be witness to a magnificent show of colours and lights and you will have the opportunity to experience Greece like a local.

The climate is mild with many warm days perfect for walking and sightseeing with an average temperature around 15 degrees Celsius.

November is one of the wettest months of the year with pretty cool nights and around 8 days with rain.

What to pack

Bring with you jeans, blouses and shirts, dresses and skirts as well as jackets, shoes and sweaters.

During mid-day, the temperatures are higher so a shirt and a skirt is useful to have, but mornings and nights are cooler and you definitely need a sweater, long sleeves and jeans.

Not all the Greek islands have the same temperature; the southern ones are warmer and less windy than the ones located in the northern part.

Greek islands weather November and costs of visiting

Prices drop significantly during this month of the year and you will find many good deals for famous islands like Santorini, Mykonos or Skiathos.

The major historical sites and the most popular islands are still awaiting their guests with lower prices and a more traditional vibe.

Although ferry costs and airline tickets are lower, they operate after reduced schedules, so getting to these islands might be a little bit more complicated.

I mean, there might not be daily flights or ferry journeys to these islands, but there are still one or two journeys per week to the most important islands of Greece.

Where to go

Greek islands November weather is different from the northern part to the southern part of the country, so choosing the best island to visit is important.

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The Cyclades and Dodecanese including Crete and Rhodes are among the best places to go in November.

Here the weather is a few degrees warmer than on the mainland and there are still many days of sun, ideal to explore the island and focus on nature and culture.

Don’t expect to bathe into the sea or to perfect your tan during November as the weather is pretty cool for these activities even if you go to Rhodes.

The main advantage of visiting Greece during this time of the year is the low number of tourists and the short queues to the main attractions.

Even the vibrant islands of Mykonos, Ios and Santorini start to close as the tourists have gone.

There might not be such a vibrant nightlife on these islands in November, but there are still many amazing attractions to visit, so don’t hesitate and book a vacation in these places.

What to do

Greek islands weather November is perfect for exploring and sightseeing. Combine museums and archaeological sites with cafe shops and restaurants where to taste the delicious Greek food, and after that take a walk on the beach and listen to the sound of waves.

As this is one of the best times of the year to explore, we strongly recommend you to rent a car and discover the Greek islands by yourself.

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Take the hiking boots with you and hike the magnificent crater of the Santorini island or follow the ancient walking trails from Kea island.

November events

Even if the summer is over and the tourists are gone, as the Greek islands weather November is still warm and sunny, locals like to celebrate and party all year round.

The most important events are:

  • Cretan Diet festival which is the perfect place to go if you like Greek food
  • Michaelmas which is the Feast of Dynaxis of the Archangels and is celebrated each year on 8th November and consists in church parades and feasting
  • Feast of Andrew, the patron of Patras celebrated on 30th November with church parades and feasting, too

Greek islands November weather is perfect for exploring and sightseeing so pack your bags and hit the road.

The crowds are gone, the prices are low, so it’s time to explore Greece like a local and feel the authentic vibe!


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