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Don't miss these 10 best Greek islands to visit in October

If you’re looking for a breathtaking escape this fall, why not consider one of the beautiful Greek islands?

With its stunning landscapes, clear blue waters, and charming villages, Greece is a perfect destination for autumn travel. And with October being one of the most pleasant months to visit, now is the time to visit greece and book your trip!

To help you choose which island to visit, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or an action-packed adventure, there’s something on this list for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for some unforgettable memories!

Going on holiday in the shoulder season in Greece is a very smart option, so let’s see which is the best greek island October!

Do you consider going to Greece but you don’t know which are the best greek islands to go to early October?

There are plenty of wonderful places to choose from and fortunately, the climate of Greece in October is absolutely perfect to enjoy these turquoise watered islands.

Not just June and September are great months to visit Greece! October is the best month of the year to visit Greece.

June and July have good weather with high temperature but it is also tourist season – high season.

This means there will be more seasoned travellers everywhere, but there are more sunny days as well.

You should consider doing an island hop if you visit Greece and don’t mind day trip on some of the islands.

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best Greek islands to visit in October Korfu Greece
Best islands to visit in October Korfu Greece

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot and dry summers, perfect for any water sport.

Sometimes, during summer it might be too hot for you to enjoy your time abroad and that is why October is a good time to visit the Greek islands.

Greece has more than 200 islands so there are plenty to choose from.

Which greek island has the best weather in October?

We analysed each island’s weather and we made a top with the best Greek islands for your holiday in October:

1. Crete – the best Greece Islands to visit in October

Crete is the largest island of Greece.

It has a total surface of 8.300 Square kilometres and a population of 635.000 people.
Based on statistics and measurements, Crete is the warmest island of Greece.

Crete best Greek islands to visit in early October
Crete best Greek island to visit in October

The average temperature in October is 20 degrees Celsius with a max of 24 degrees, so you can wear your summer clothes.

The outside temperatures are great for spending some hours at the beach, no wonder why this place is considered as one of the best Greece islands to visit in October!

Sea temperature in Crete is warm enough for swimming in Greece in October.

We suggest you book some time to visit the island because there are many interesting attractions around.
With its ancient ruins and wonderful villages, Crete is a very surprising place!

Crete Greece Island Beach
Crete Greece Island Beach

Shoulder Season Advantage

Another advantage of traveling in the shoulder season is the low price.

You will pay less for the same quality as during peak season.

As prices are lower, you should indulge in premium conditions in a premium class hotel with all-inclusive!

Sirios Village Hotel Bungalows – All Inclusive is a 4-stars resort located close to Chania in the middle of a beautiful garden offering a huge outdoor pool and great services.

Rooms are clean and the food is varied and tasty. This is a really great choice for your Crete holiday!

July and August are peak months so prices go up and the crowds are everywhere!

There will be tourists everywhere and the prices are really high.

Santorini in October is perfect as crowds have gone and the prices decrease.

It is the perfect time to explore this island and observe local culture.

You still can enjoy your holiday and lay on the beautiful beaches the whole day.

Santorini Greece Island Pool best greek island october
Santorini Greece Island Pool accommodation view

Athens to Santorini in 2022

According to

  • Athens to Santorini Ferry: There is usually a 7:30 am Blue Star ferry going between Athens and Santorini every day, year-round.

Starting in late March and early April SeaJets and Golden Star Ferries begin high-speed ferry service from Athens to Santorini.

In summer there will be 4 or more ferries depart per day from Athens to Santorini.

Find the best ferry company on the best way to book tickets online.

  • Athens to Santorini Flights: There are generally daily flights year-round from Athens to Santorini.

For the months June to September, there will be over 15 flights per day.

The primary airlines for the Athens-Santorini route are Ryan Air, EasyJet, Aegean Airlines, and Olympic Air.

Flights sell out much earlier than ferries so if you see a flight that works for your itinerary then book as soon as possible.

  • Overnight ferries from Athens to Santorini: Blue Star, Hellenic, and Sea Speed ferries have sleeping cabins for ferries between Athens and Santorini.

Santorini weather October is still warm, around 20-25 degrees Celsius and the water is warm enough for taking a swim.

Santorini when to visit Greece
Santorini when to visit Greece (photo from Santorini Dave)

After a long day of exploring the island, sip a cocktail on a beautiful terrace located right near the sea and head up to your hotel for a good night’s sleep.

We found a beautiful aparthotel in Fira, one of the best towns from Santorini.Lemon Suites Santorini is located a few minutes walk from the Archeological Museum Thera, Megaro Gyzi and offer modern and stylish rooms with great views over the city.

Hop Travel Tip: Some of these rooms have an outdoor hot tub.

2. Rhodes – Best greek island October

Rhodes is one of my favourite islands in Greece, part of the dodecanese islands.
We always visit it during shoulder season and we like it a lot, especially its traditional villages.

The scenery, the people and the food are great each time we go there!

Summer months are extremely hot and with zero days of rain.

Summer is so hot that it is almost impossible to explore the island.

That is why we always choose to visit Rhodes in May, September or October.

In October temperatures are around 25 degrees with a low of 16 degrees.
Now you see why Rhodes is considered one of the best Greece islands to visit in October?

Rhodes Greece Greek Town Greek Islands
Rhodes Greece Greek town Greek islands

And sea temperature is just perfect for a quick bath.

That is why I consider Rhodes as one of the best greek islands to see in October.

If you feel that the sea temperature is too low, then you can move to the outdoor pool as we did.

We spent our holiday at Sentido Port Royal a great hotel located right on the beach with 2 huge outdoor pools and an indoor pool for the cold ones.

Depending on the weather and our mood, we moved from the pool to the beach and vice versa.
And in between, we get spoiled with tasty food and wonderful sea views from our balcony.

3. Corfu

With an average temperature in in Corfu Greece in October of about 20 degrees Celsius and with many days of sun.

Visit Corfu as it is one of the best locations to spend your autumn holiday.

In the Ionian Sea, there is no bad time to visit these islands, but I like Corfu most in autumn.

Korfu Corfu Beach Kerkyra Greece
Korfu Corfu Beach Kerkyra Greece

It is less crowded and the prices are really reasonable.

We recommend you to enjoy your holiday at Domes Miramare Corfu a 5-star resort located close to the beach with a wonderful sea view.

It is an adults-only resort with very stylish rooms, great services and tasty food.

While you are on this island you could also take some hiking trails or visit the Corfu town and it’s archaeological site and museum.

4. Mykonos top Greek islands to visit in early October

One of the best greek islands to visit in October, Mykonos is the capital of entertainment and fun.

The beaches with their golden sands, the endless parties and the welcoming people make from this island a popular destination among tourists.

Mykonos Greece best greek islands to party
Mikonos Greece best greek islands to party

Athens to Mykonos in 2022

According to

  • Athens to Mykonos by plane: Taking a flight to Mykonos is the fastest and usually the most expensive option.

But it’s really worth it in my opinion as you won’t be wasting time on the ferries (yes, the ferry is still pretty quick to be honest and you can be in Mykonos in under 3 hrs if you take the fast ferry) but still the plane will be faster and more convenient overall.

  • Athens to Mkkonos by ferry: Going to Mykonos by ferry is the second option you have and it can be a very good choice if you don’t like flying or you don’t want to pay the extra money for the flight.

Find out the best ferry routes and book your reservation on blue star ferries. You can also search and book your Mykonos to Athens ferry on their site.

The island is extremely crowded during summer, but in October most of the tourists have gone and the prices decrease.

The sea temperature, the warm sun and the low number of rainy days make from Mykonos the perfect destination for your October holiday.

Book your rooms at Lithos Spyros Flora Mikonos , a completely new hotel located right near the beach with modern rooms facing the sea, great pool and good quality services.

Visit Mykonos Greece Island Port Boats
Visit Mykonos Greece Best Greek Island October

5. Kos

This tiny island in the Dodecanese is referred to as the island of Hippocrates and is among the most fertile islands in Greece ensuring lavish scenery.

If you’re that kind of individual who appreciates attractive landscapes whether you’re discovering the countryside by car, on foot, or by bicycle.

Although the weather in Greece in October is unforeseeable, especially from the middle of October there are chances of some rainfall and perhaps a thunderstorm.

Temperatures during daytime should be around 22 degrees Celsius and sea temperature levels are somewhere around 23 degrees.

Kos Greece Paradise top greek islands to visit in October
Kos Greece Paradise Beach on best greek island October

So, you will still be able to appreciate some warm weather in Greece in October, just make sure to have with you something warmer for evenings as the temperature might drop up to 16 degrees Celsius.

Although Kos, one of the best greek islands to visit in October is seasonal similar to various other Greek islands meaning that touristic resorts including Lambi will certainly be closing by the end of October.

The city of Kos is a working community and open all year allowing you to discover the picturesque Old Town with its wealth of Greek and Roman archaeology.

The castle of the Knights of Saint John, the ancient agora, as well as the tree of Hippocrates all top of the sightseeing listing along with the third century Roman Rental property with lavish mosaics.

There’s also that stunning fishing harbour and also the boardwalk lined with palm trees to walk a little bit before heading to the town’s sandy beaches.

Kos Greek Beaches for Couples
Kos Greek Beaches for Couples

If you go to Kos in the first two weeks of October you’ll still find Kardamena, the celebration community of Kos, open however without the buzz of Summer.

Maybe a good decision would be to remain in Kos Town if you’re visiting the island for nightlife as most bars still open are in the Exarchia area of Kos Town.

For an outstanding holiday, we recommend you to sleep at Nissia Kamares Kos , an amazing hotel built in Greek traditional style, 3 minutes away from that golden beach and the centre of Kardamena resort.

The rooms are clean and spacious and come with a fully equipped kitchenette where you can cook for yourself and your family.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

6. Ikaria

Situated on the Eastern Aegean sea, Ikaria is just one of the worldwide famous Greek islands for the longevity of its residents as well as the Ikarian diet.

You can reach this amazing island by ferry from Athens.
Ferry connections are really great and the journey is amazing!

Once you establish your foot in Ikaria, you’ll seem like a world away from the landmass!

It is the ideal location to charge, far from the hectic day-to-day routine.

On this island, time appears to reduce as well as nobody takes life as well seriously.
Certainly, this island’s laid-back atmosphere is one of the main reasons why Ikaria is so prominent. Yet not the only one!

Ikaria Beaches best greece islands to visit in October
Ikaria Beaches best greece islands to visit in October

Its natural elegance is a standout, too, as the wild elegance of Ikaria Greece is breathtaking.

Rocky hills, remarkable chasms, trekking routes, thrilling coastlines, and country towns established the scene of a fanciful vacation destination, specifically for nature fans!

Wondering where to sleep on this amazing island?Nissia Kamares Kos is our recommendation for Ikaria.

The hotel is located on the northern part of the island, 50 metres away from the beach.
Interiors are clean and modern,  while for breakfast you can try international and traditional cuisine.

7. Naxos best Greek islands to visit in October

One of the top greek islands to visit in October is Naxos.

If you want a classic Cycladic islands experience with whitewashed structures head to Naxos throughout the off-season.

Many islands in the Cyclades depend almost totally on tourist and also can be a little barren throughout the winter season.

Naxos the best Greek Islands to visit in October
Naxos Greece the best greek island October

Naxos has a strong farming industry as well as year-round citizens, plus a raising variety of deportees who stay throughout winter.

Stick to Chora to appreciate its low profile beauties in the blustery and also intense winter weather.
You will like the mountain villages located on this island.

For your overnight stay, we recommend Antony Suites Naxos , a really amazing accommodation, 30 metres from beach of Agio Georgios.

This resort has an amazing spa and all rooms have a fully equipped kitchenette.
A breakfast basket is provided each morning so you can have fresh products for your meal.

8. Syros – One of the best Greek islands to visit in early October

Syros is a working island, with a little port community, Ermoupoli.
Beyond community, this land is cultivated with grapes, olive groves, figs, veggie areas as well as pasture for goats, lamb and cows.

Syros Beach best greece islands to visit in October
Syros Beach best greece islands to visit in October

The coastlines of Syros are tidy, silent and cost-free to utilize. Syriotis boast of their island.

No large cruise liner or bundle visitors suggest that the few visitors to Syros are really welcomed.

But most of all the roads and beaches are constantly peaceful as well as peaceful.

A wonderful selection if you wish to unwind and also wind down.

9. Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands and it is best to rent a vehicle when checking out this island as public transportation is limited.

There are a lot of amazing holiday accommodation chances and also you can stay in a resort or rent a vacation home with a pool.

Kefalonia Greece top greek islands to visit in early October
Kefalonia Greece

This area has some of the very best coastlines in Greece so make sure to head to Myrtos Coastline.

A magnificent coastline that is backed by a large cliff, and also Xi Beach is on the south shore that is known for its red sand.

Make the best of these crystal clear waters of Kefalonia by going sea kayaking, or do something inland, caving tours and also canyoning are similarly adrenaline-pumping.

Who knew Kefalonia could be such a daring island?!

There are lots of fascinating areas to check out also like the towns of Livatho peninsula, the abbey of Ayios Gerasimos, or the Abbey of Kipoureon.

Kefalonia Greece Holiday Myrtos
Kefalonia Greece Holiday Myrtos

After a long day of exploring this island, I bet you need a good place to sleep, so why don’t you try at F Zeen Kefalonia ?

This is a beautiful hotel located 50 metres from the beach in Lourdata village with breathtaking sea views and over the gardens.

Top 10 best islands to visit in Greece

As a Bonus here is a short video with Mojo’s Top 10 Must-see Greek Islands which is not very different from our list:

Top 10 Must-See Greek Islands

Now you know which are the best greek islands in October

Best month to visit Greece: October is best time of year to visit the Greek islands.
It is the best time to go to Greece as the weather is warm, there are just a few days of rain and the crowds are gone.

Visiting some of the islands by ferry could mean you don’t even need to rent a car, the only thing to consider is the ferry schedules.

This way you could also include the Famous Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos in your itinerary.

You have these islands mostly for yourself. It is a good time to explore and taste the local flavours.

Such good travel ideas that it will be very hard for you to decide where to go first!

Logistical tips and tricks for your trip

Book your accommodation
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You will find here all types of accommodations, from the cheapest ones to the most luxurious.

Don't forget travel insurance
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When we go for longer trips around the world we get Globelink Insurance as it offers a good cover for an affordable price.

Travel insurance will always protect you against unexpected costs caused by medical events like illness, injury, theft, or travel cancellation.

We never go on any trip without travel insurance and there were many cases when we had to use it.

Renting a car
We like to explore a country on our own and a car gives us the mobility and freedom to do that.

We always rent our car from Discovercars as they have free cancellation 48 hours prior to starting date and a wide range of car rental companies and options to choose from all over the world.

Tours and attractions
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Airplane tickets and holiday packages
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Travel tip: use Expedia when you are searching for holiday packages as they have many last-minute offers and great discounts for hotels, flights, and even the whole holiday packages.


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

The Greek Islands look beautiful. This is on my list of places I want to visit! Thanks for all of the tips and pictures. I love beach destinations!

Sonia Hash

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hey there! Greek islands are incredibly beautiful and unique! I hope you will have the opportunity to visit them in the nearest future and to enjoy a great beach holiday on this part of the world!


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

This makes me Greece so much! I visited during the months of May, August, and September. All islands are incredible. Crete and Corfu are on my list! Hopefully will be traveling again by 2021! Now I know October is good to go. Thanks for the info.

Sonia Hash

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi there! Greece is an all year round destination with many interesting and unique places to see. Shoulder season is the best time to go to Greece as the prices are lower and the number of tourists decrease!


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Love this post!! I lived in Crete last year and glad to see its #1 :-)

Sonia Hash

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi Bethany! You should feel very lucky that you have the opportunity to live in Crete for almost a year! Crete is one of my favourite islands from Greece and I would like to spend a few months there sometimes in the nearest future!

Sue Berk Koch

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

My gosh I never realized how many islands there are! What a great run down, thanks so much for raising awareness.

Sonia Hash

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi Susan! Greece is indeed a very beautiful place to go and there are more than 200 inhabited islands out of which you can choose one to spend your next holiday abroad! I am glad that you find our article helpful and hope you will use this information when planning your future trips!