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Holiday Investment: Is Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Worth It?

A 2 days ticket- 2 parks for adult costs around 211 euros while the cheapest annual subscription is just 179 euro, so is Disneyland Paris annual pass a good deal for your holiday when visiting Disneyland in Paris?

This article will answer your question and will tell you everything you need to know about the annual pass for Disneyland Paris.

This annual subscription is exactly what you need if you plan to spend more than 2 days in Disneyland Park, no matter on which parks you are interested in.

There are four levels of Annual Pass, each of them offering benefits according to price, including discounts to restaurants, parking, special events and hotel stays.

The most expensive and the most comprehensive one is Infinity which costs about 450 euros for an adult.

This annual subscription gives you access to the park 365 days/ per year, to exclusive AP events, a lot of shows and many other facilities shown below.

The cheapest annual subscription is known as Discovery and it costs around 179 euros for an adult and offers accessibility just 150 days per year.

There are many days around the year when access to the park with this one year ticket is forbidden, dates known as blockout dates.

Annual pass for Disneyland Paris
Annual pass for Disneyland Paris

The other 2 subscriptions are Flex and Plus which cost 259 euros and 299 euros for an adult and gives you 300 days access to the park for Flex and 350 for Plus.

Discovery does not have included in the fee the parking cost, which is around 30 euro for parking, but if you come by foot or with a shuttle bus from your hotel, then this cost is not relevant to you.

I guess you use the shuttle bus from your hotel or the train, especially if you booked your accommodation in Paris so I won’t tell you more about the parking fee.

An annual pass Disneyland Paris or daily tickets?

What I can tell you for sure is that it worth buying a Disneyland Paris annual pass if you plan to stay more than 2 days in the park and based on the length of your stay I recommend you to buy the following passes:

  • Discovery if you plan to stay three weekdays at Disneyland Paris
  • Flex if you plan to stay 3 days at Disneyland Paris
  • Plus for 3 days of non-consecutive visits of 4 days of visits
  • Infinity if you plan at least 2 trips with at least 5 days in the parks
Disneyland Paris Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity
Disneyland Paris Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity

There is another thing which you have to know and that is about the day ticket price might vary depending on if you choose a fixed date or a flex ticket.

Before taking a decision on whether to take a day pass or an annual pass have a look at the block out dates of the annual passes available here, on Disneyland Paris website

Double-check to be sure that your visit is not on one of the blockout dates indicated as per the annual pass.

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What are blockout dates?

Blockout dates are the dates when the annual pass holders are not allowed to enter into the park and these dates are subject to change.

Just to have you an idea about the blockout dates I will list below the dates for each of the 4 annual subscriptions, but you’d better check them before buying the annual subscription:

  • Infinity- no blockout dates
  • Plus- about 15 blockout dates around Halloween and Christmas
  • Flex- about 65 blockout dates including Halloween and Christmas season, all December weekends and some days scattered around the year
  • Discovery- there are around 215 blockout dates all over the year including all weekends

Additionally to these dates, the Discovery pass is blockout the second and third days you hold it.

This means that you cannot buy an annual subscription on arrival for a multi-day trip and you need to buy it in advance if you plan to stay more days in the park.

If you haven’t planned the exact dates of your Disneyland Paris trip, then take a look at the blockout dates and maybe you will be able to save some money while visiting Walt Disney Studios Park.

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What Disneyland Paris annual pass to pick

Now it’s time to take each annual pass for Disneyland Paris one by one and discuss which one is the best choice for you when visiting Disney parks.

Magic Plus Disneyland Paris annual pass
Magic Plus Annual Pass Disneyland Paris

Discovery annual pass ( 179 euros)

Blockout dates are just half the equation when discussing whether it’s worth buying Discovery pass or not.

This is a pretty basic pass which does not give you a lot of space to move when talking about what is actually included in the fee.

It is blocked 215 days of the year, including all weekends and the price ticket does not include the parking, which can be bought for 60 euros per year.

Disneyland Paris Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity
Disneyland Paris Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity

Discovery is worth buying it if you have flexible travel dates so that you can avoid blockout dates and you can visit the park during the week.

If you are thinking of staying, let’s say 3 days, at Disneyland Paris during the week then you might consider buying Discovery annual pass.

If you are planning a 2 days trip to both parks probably you won’t need to buy the Discovery Pass.


Consider buying Discovery annual passes if you stay more than 3 days in a year during the week.

Flex annual pass for Disneyland Paris (259 euros)

Magic Flex is the second Disneyland Paris annual pass which costs around 250 euros and worth buying if you plan to visit the parks at least twice in a year.

The annual ticket has only 65 blockdates and is valid most weekends, and offers free parking ( which value is at least 60 euros for those of you who drive to the park).

Magic Flex Disneyland Paris annual pass
Magic Flex Annual Pass Disneyland Paris

Flex pass also offers a 10% discount to Disneyland Paris shops, 10% off to Disneyland restaurants, 20% off when buying a 1-day ticket for your friends (not more than 5 tickets per day).

On top of all these things, you will get a 20% discount for Buffalo Bills Wild West Dinner show which is one of the most appreciated shows from the park.


Consider buying a Flex if you are visiting the park for at least 3 days and the Discovery won’t work for that date.

Plus Pass ( 299 euros)

Plus pass has only 15 blockdates and for just 40 euros more gives you a few marginal monetary improvements:

  • 10% discount to restaurants. The good news is that the discount applies to everything paid by the pass holder, so your family and friends can take advantage of this, too.
  • You will pay just 45 euros if you want to buy a 1 day/ 2 park tickets to invite your friends and family to the park.
  • Get access to Extra Magic time, which means an extra hour before the parks open to other visitors ( normal opening hours).
  • Free access to different events from the park

I would say that if you are a family of 3 going to the park for more than 3 days, then it definitely worth buying Plus pass for at least one member of the family simply for the dining discount.

annual pass for Magic Flex Disneyland Paris France
Annual ticket for Magic Flex Disneyland Paris France

Having access to the extra magic time, this card is a dealmaker for those of you who want to have the park just for themselves.

During the extra magic time, only Plus pass holders, Infinity pass holders and Disney hotel guests have access to the park.


If you decide to buy a Flex pass, think again as the Plus pass offers fewer blockout dates, dining discounts and extra magic time,

If you are a family of three consider taking at least one Plus pass in order to get the dining discount.

Infinity annual pass for Disneyland Paris (449 euros)

Disneyland Paris annual pass Infinity is the most expensive and the most comprehensive annual pass from the park.

Infinity annual pass for Disneyland Paris
Infinity annual pass Disneyland Paris

If we compare this annual subscription with the previous one, Plus pass you will get you:

  • extra discount for goods bought from Disneyland shops, from 10% to 20%
  • extra discount for restaurants, from 10% to 15%
  • lowest rates for Disneyland hotels ( which are quite expensive even with discounted prices)
  • Annual Photopass is included in the pass rate, while with Plus you have to pay 59 euros for it
  • 20% discount for Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

The Infinity pass holders also get:

  • Free strollers, storage, wheelchairs and kennels
  • VIP seating for selected shows
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Access to some Disney hotel pools
  • Privileged parking

If you are a Disney fan and like to visit this park multiple times per year then this annual pass is for you.

You don’t buy this pass for the discounts given but for fame and to be able to tell your friends that you have the coolest Disneyland Paris pass from the market.


For most people Plus annual pass is enough; worth buying Infinity if you plan to visit the parks more than 10 days a year and if the Plus blockout dates are the same with the dates you plan to visit the park.

Disneyland Paris annual pass worth for people who plan to visit the park more than once and to spend at least 3 days here.

So before buying an annual pass Disneyland Paris considers how many days you plan to stay in the park, how flexible are the dates of visiting and if the dates chosen by you are excluded from the blockout dates.