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7 of the most stunning beaches in Limon Costa Rica

Beaches in Limon Costa Rica are located at the Caribbean Sea and are considered to be among the most picturesque and charming beaches from Costa Rica.

Limon Province is one of the 7 provinces from Costa Rica and it is located right near the Nicaragua border, 160 kilometres from San Jose, the capital of the country, with a large afro Caribbean population.

Here, in this province, you can find one of the most important ports from the country, Puerto Limon located in the eastern part of Costa Rica, on the Caribbean coast.

500 years ago, Christopher Columbus arrived in this port in his journey to the New World and 300 years later was founded the port as it is today in the city of Limon.

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Coconut Beach Punta Uva beaches in Limon Costa Rica

Beach Punta Uva Costa Rica Limon


You can reach this magnificent area and Costa Rica Limon beaches by car or plane from San Jose.

There is a domestic airport located right in the town of Limon and in less than an hour you get from San Jose to this area.

Another way of getting to this part of the country is by car and it takes you about 2 and a half hours from the capital city of San Jose.

The big advantage of renting a car in this country is that you will have the freedom to move around and explore all the secluded beaches, incredible rainforests and amazing scenery.

An interesting fact about this province is that here, there is no dry and wet season as it is in the rest of the country.

The best time to visit Limon is in February and March and in September and October, as during these months the precipitations are fewer than during the rest of the year.

Most of the beaches are located in the southern part of Puerto Limon right along the highway known as Route 36, especially around the city of Puerto Viejo.

Let’s discover together which are the best beaches to visit in Limon, which are the best attractions in the area and the best hotels to stay at.

Beaches in Limon Costa Rica

Punta Uva beach

The laid back beach of Punta Uva is famous for its calm waters, beautiful water corals and white sand, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and spending some quality time on the beach with your family.


Punta uva Beach Costa Rica

Punta uva Beach Costa Rica


One of the quietest Costa Rica Limon beaches, Playa Punta Uva is located 8.5 kilometres (5 miles) from the beach town Puerto Viejo within the protected area Gandoca- Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

Playa Cocles

Located on the northern side of Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles is a very popular place among surfers as it has one of the greatest waves from the area.

It is 2 kilometres long and surrounded by palm trees on one part and the crystal clear sea on the other side.


Playa Conchal beach Costa Rica beaches

Playa Cocles beach Costa Rica beaches


Cocles beach might get quite crowded during weekends and high season and if you want to stay away from the crowds then head to the southern part of the beach as it is quieter.

The beach is located about 40 miles away from the city of Puerto Limon and to reach it you have to follow Route 36 to the south for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Salsa Brava beach

From beginners to experts, surfers from all over the world dream to visit at least once in their lifetime one of the most famous beaches in Limon Costa Rica for surfing, Salsa Brava Beach.

In this part of Costa Rica, the waves are incredibly powerful and those who tried Salsa Brava say that it is an interesting combination of two of the most famous Hawaii beaches, Baby Backdoor and Laniakea.

As the currents are so strong and the waves are fast and steep, we recommend this place, especially for experienced surfers.

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Playa Bonita

One of the most beautiful Costa Rica Limon beaches, Playa Bonita which translates into Beautiful Beach.

This secluded beach is a quiet strip of white sand full of howler monkeys and crabs without many people around.

The waters are clean and crystal clear and if you go further from the shore you will see octopus, rays and all kinds of colourful fishes hidden on the coral reef from that area.

Right near the beach, there are palm trees and a lush forest, so you can bring a hammock with you and lay under the trees to relax and read a book.


Playa Chiquita

One of the most picturesque beaches in Limon Costa Rica, Playa Chiquita is located just 5 kilometres away from Puerto Viejo if you follow the coastal road.

This beach is famous for its soft sand, turquoise waters and amazing scenery, with the lush forest on one side and the birds flying above.

Playa Chiquita is a secluded beach, pretty hard to reach as there are no roads, just some trails hidden in the rainforest that lead you to the water but an amazing place for scuba diving.

You don’t have any facility on the beach so take with you everything you need for a day on the beach, as the closest supermarket is in Puerto Viejo.

Playa Blanca

One of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets, Playa Blanca is one of the most beautiful beaches from Limon Costa Rica visited mostly by Costa Ricans and not by tourists.


Playa Blanca Costa Rica Limon beaches

Playa Blanca Costa Rica Limon beaches


The beach is located inside Cahuita National Park and the best spot for those interested in swimming and observing wildlife in the forests around the beach.

Playa Negra

This black sand beach is located 10 kilometres away from the beach town of Puerto Viejo, right between the beach town and Cahuita and is a great place for beginning surfers as the currents are quite strong.


Playa Negra Costa Rica Beaches

Playa Negra Costa Rica Beaches


With its black sand, the beach is considered to be less pretty compared with white sand beaches from the area, so you might have most of the beach just for yourself.

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Things to do around Costa Rica Limon beaches

Limon province is not just about beautiful beaches and incredible waters; it is also about wildlife, amazing sceneries and green forests.

That is why I strongly advise you to include in your travel plans the following activities and places to see:

  • Climb the hill near Puerto Limon for an amazing view over the bay and the beach town
  • Pay a visit to the sloth sanctuary
  • Explore Tortuguero National Park, the third most visited park from Costa Rica with a large variety of plants and animals
  • Visit a banana plantation
  • Observe the rich fauna and flora from Cahuita National Park
  • Book a tour of G& E Chocolate Adventure Company, a local shop with a huge cacao plantation behind
  • Visit the port of Puerto Viejo and its colourful shops

Hotels in Limon Costa Rica

There are plenty of beautiful accommodations around the beaches in Limon Costa Rica and finding the best place to stay might be more challenging than you’ve thought.

We picked for you the best 2 hotels and resorts from the area based on their location, facilities and incredible price-quality ratio.

The first on our list is Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel Puertoviejo Costa Rica, a 5-star resort located within walking distance from the beautiful Cocles Beach and has an outdoor swimming pool, clean and spacious rooms and an amazing view of the sea.

Next on my list is Casa Viva Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, located 1 mile away from Chiquita Beach and featuring a beautiful garden, a private beach and modern interiors.


These are the 7 most interesting and beautiful beaches from Limon Costa Rica which you definitely have to see during your holiday in this country.

Set your base in one of the two hotels suggested above, hire a car and explore Limon Province as it is a paradise for surfers, nature lovers and wildlife as well.

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