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These are the 10 best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast

Spread along with the 6 countries which are bordering with the Black Sea, there are many amazing beaches.

Some of them are wild and untamed while others are extremely popular and have all the facilities needed.

Best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea has more than 1.200 kilometres of shore with many beautiful places spread across Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia.

With so many beautiful sights to look at, your eyes will be confused about where to focus their attention.

These beautiful beaches are not that famous as the ones of the Mediterranean Sea but they are equally beautiful and underrated, that’s for sure.

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Amasra Turkey Black Sea Beaches
best beaches to see on Black Sea coast

From all the places I have visited along the Black Sea Coast these are the best I have ever been to and the most popular tourist attractions area:

1. Shekvetili, Georgia

1.1 Location

Georgian Coast

1.2 What to do and see

Shekvetili is a small town and a beach located in Ozurgeti Municipality, Guria, right near the sea.

What makes this strip of sand one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast a top attraction is the colour of the sand- it is dark.

Shekvetili beach georgia black sea coast _80
Shekvetili beach georgia black sea coast _80

Many believe that this place has healing properties for those suffering from various conditions, like nervous system problems, cardiovascular diseases and rachitis.

The beach is about 5 kilometres long and is a popular attraction among tourists and locals.

There are plenty of activities to practice in the area, including a Miniature Park which is a space where you can find small-scale models of the country’s most famous attractions.

1.3 Where to sleep

Mirage Hotel Shekvetili is our recommendation for this place; it is a 4 stars hotel located right near the sea with a private beach and a sandy playground.

The hotel is located right near the Black Sea Arena, one of the most important concert halls in the area where each summer there are many music festivals.

2. Vityazevo Beach, Russia

2.1 Location

Russian coast

2.2 What to do and see

This long sandy beach has one of the finest beach and golden sands from the Black Sea Coast and is located between Pionersky Avenue to the village of Blagoveshchenskaya.

The place is cleaned daily so attractions and all the facilities from the area are in good conditions.

Vityazevo Russia black sea beach
Vityazevo Russia black sea beach

It is a place visited not just by tourists but also by locals; some of them prefer to go early in the morning to see the sunrise while others like to admire the sunset while drinking a glass of wine.

Sometimes, during the afternoon the wind can appear, but nothing to bother; it is a light sea breeze to help you cool off.

There are no waves here so this is one reason why this piece of sand is considered to be one of the best Black Sea beaches to visit.

It is a good place to swim and to play in the water even if you don’t know how to swim very well.

2.3 Where to sleep

Hotel Frantsuzky Kvartal Vityazevo is a beautiful all-inclusive hotel located near the sea, with a private beach and a beautiful terrace.

A tasty and varied breakfast can be served at a hotel restaurant and the price is included in the room rate.

You can play table tennis at the property or rent a bike to explore the neighbourhoods.

3. Langeron Beach, Ukraine

3.1 Location

Ukrainian coast

3.2 What to do and see

The most popular beach in Odessa is by far Langeron, a beautiful place where many songs have been written along time.

The beach is located near Shevchenko Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the area and close to the historical city centre.

Langeron Ukraine black sea beaches
Langeron Ukraine black sea beaches

Because of its perfect location and the beauty of the place, this strip of sand is considered one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea coast might become very crowded, especially during peak season.

The name of the beach comes from the french Count Langeron, the person who built this amazing summer escape right near the sea.

Count Langeron used to come here each summer and spend a great time with their friends and families in this place.

There are many interesting attractions in the area including the beautiful city of Odesa, one of the largest cities on Black Sea Coast and the most popular attractions from the Ukrainian coast.

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3.3 Where to sleep

One of the most exclusive hotels from the area and a great choice for your stay in Odessa is the luxurious 5 stars Hotel Panorama Deluxe Odesa .

The hotel has an outdoor pool and an a la carte restaurant where guests can enjoy their meal.

The common areas are modern and very well maintained while most of the rooms have a large balcony with a great view of the pool.

4. Mamaia, Romania

4.1 Location

Romanian coast

4.2 What to do and see

This is one of the most famous and sunny beaches from the Romanian coast with a total length of more than 6 kilometres and of the finest sands from the area.

It is a very popular place among locals and a tourist attraction; this is why during peak season it might become a little bit overcrowded.

Mamaia Romania best beaches to visit on Black Sea
Mamaia Beach Romania

Along the beach, there are many bars and restaurants, as well as sun chairs and umbrellas which can be rented for a small fee.

Lifeguard services and first aid points are available each day during the summer season so you can bathe safely into the Black Sea.

4.3 Where to sleep

Iaki Mamaia is our top choice for one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea coast, is located right near the sea at the end of the promenade walk.

The rooms of the hotel are big and well maintained, some of them overlooking the sea.

The hotel has an outdoor and an indoor pool and one of the best spas in town; you definitely have to try at least one of their therapies.

5. Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

5.1 Location

Romanian coast

5.2 What to do and see

This is one of the last untamed and wild beaches from the Romanian shore located at the place where the Danube Delta flows into the Black Sea through the Sfantu Gheorghe branch.

This place is ideal for those looking to escape from city stress and looking to spend peaceful moments in nature.

plaja sfantu gheorghe best beach to visit on Black Sea
plaja sfantu gheorghe beach black sea coast

Along the sand dunes from the beach, there are no lifeguard services, nor sun chairs or umbrellas.

There are only sun dunes and at the entrance on the beach, there is a bar from where you can buy a drink after a long day in the sun.

The currents are pretty strong in the area as the Danube flows into the sea, so you’d better stay close to the shore if you are not a very good swimmer.

5.3 Where to sleep

Green Village Danube Delta is my choice for Sfantu Gheorghe, a magnificent resort located right on the Sfantu Gheorghe branch.

This picturesque place stretches along Sfantu Gheorghe branch and is divided into 3 main sections, out of which you can choose your favourite room.

From the hotel, you can walk to the beach for about half an hour or take a local bus known as trocarici.

For those of you interested in exploring the Danube Delta you can choose to book a tour directly at the hotel’s reception.

6. Smokinya Beach, Bulgaria

6.1 Location

Bulgarian coast

6.2 What to do and see

Located close to the beautiful town of Sozopol, Sominya beach is a favourite place to go during your summer holiday if you love camping.

This beach to visit on Black Sea coast tends to be quieter than many other places from the coast and is the perfect place to go if you are looking to spend some quiet moments with your family.

Smokinya Bulgaria Beach Black Sea Beaches
Smokinya Bulgaria Beach Black Sea Beaches

The water is calm and has a really beautiful colour, making from this place an ideal place to go for families with kids and for those looking to bath in calm waters.

If you like camping and have a camper van, then this is the right place to go on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

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6.3 Where to sleep

For those of you who are not willing to let behind the comfort of a hotel room, we recommend you to sleep at Blu Bay Hotel Sozopol , a wonderful hotel located right in the heart of the Old Town, next to the marina.

This 5-star hotel is just 5 minutes walk from the nearest beach and offers an outdoor pool with a beautiful sun terrace and spectacular sea views.

On-site you can find a Spanish restaurant with a la carte products and a bar with stunning views over the sea.

7. Kara Dere, Bulgaria

7.1 Location

Bulgarian beach

7.2 What to do and see

This is a wild and untamed beach with no paved road leading to it considered to be one of the last virgin beaches from the area.

This place is ideal for camping and spending a beach night by the fire listening to some guitar music, making new friends and enjoying the moment.

Kara Dere Beach Bulgarian beach
Kara Dere Beach Bulgaria

This beach to visit on Black Sea coast is located 5 kilometres away from the town of Byala and the village of Goritsa on your way to the seaside when visit Bulgaria.

The beach is more than 5 kilometres long and is bordered by a mix of oak forest, vineyards and cultivated lands.

There are no facilities in the area, but the place is considered by many as one of the best of its kind. It has fine sand, fresh air, clean seawater and mud baths; if you are lucky you might spot dolphins in the bay.

7.3 Where to sleep

With 2 outdoor pools and a fitness centre, Silver Beach Apart Complex Karadere is our choice for this beach.

The property is located 50 metres from Byala beach and all the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette and a dining area. Free table tennis and darts, as well as billiards, can be found at the property.

8. Şile, Turkey

8.1 Location

Turkish coast

8.2 What to do and see

One hour away from Istanbul, Sile is the best beach to visit on Black Sea coast if you are looking to escape from your daily stressing life.

Sile is the perfect place to go for those interested in spending a few days at the sea but are not interested to go on the popular beaches from the Mediterranean coast.

Sile Turkey Black Sea Beaches
Sile Turkey Black Sea Beaches

Here, on the Black Sea coastline, the prices are lower than on the Mediterranean coast and there are fewer tourists so you can have the beach just for you.

The beach is split into rocky areas and sandy ones and has a unique coastal landscape with a wonderful old Lighthouse and some really impressive cliffs.

8.3 Where to sleep

Casa Lavanda Boutique Hotel Sile is one of the best places to stay when in Sile, a cosy boutique hotel with an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful green garden and a bar where to relax and sip a cocktail.

9.Amasra, Turkey

9.1 Location

Turkish coast

9.2 What to do and see

Amasra is a beautiful settlement full of historical artefacts, stunning beaches and extremely tasty and fresh seafood.

Amasra is actually a port town and is one of the best places to go if you want to avoid the touristic areas as this place is commonly populated by locals.

Amasra Turkey Black Sea Beaches
Amasra Turkey Black Sea Beaches

The most popular beaches from the port town are Cakraz Plaji, Kapisuyu Plaji and Buyuk Liman Plaji.

9.3 Where to sleep

For those looking for a great place to spend the night Faika Pansiyon Amasra is our recommendation for Amasra.

The apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a living area and a beautiful patio overlooking the garden.

10. Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia

10.1 Location

Georgian coast

10.2 What to do and see

One of the most diverse and beautiful places on my list is Mtsvane Kontskhi, a hidden gem on the Black Sea.

This beach to visit on Black Sea coast is visited not only by locals but also by tourists looking to spend a few days near the sea.

Mtsvane Kontskhi Georgia Beach Black Sea Coast
Mtsvane Kontskhi Georgia Beach Black Sea Coast

It is a top destination from the Black Sea for divers and many tourists come here to explore the depths of the sea.

The landscape is just amazing with high mountains and lush vegetation around, while the beach is covered with white sand.

Mtsvane Kontskhi is a good place to go if you are interested in practising hiking activities in the nearby mountains.

10.3 Where to sleep

Green Cape Guest House is our proposal for this place.

This property is located 5 minutes walk from the beach and offers their guests free shuttle bus to and from the beach, as well as from the botanical garden.

Guests can eat at the restaurants near the beach or prepare their food at the guesthouse as a kitchen and a barbeque can be found on site.

Choosing which is the best beach to visit on Black Sea coast is very difficult because each place has its charm and beauty.

Which is your favourite beach: the one which is crowded and has all the amenities you could ask for or a wild and untamed beach where you can hear the sea and you are close to nature?

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