Rhodes Greece the island with the longest summer

There are so many beautiful islands in Greece that you need more than a holiday just to visit all of them when you visit Greece ! Each has its own beauty and particularities!

Rhodes Greece is the largest island from Dodecanese islands famous for its beach resorts, zero rainy days in summer and of course, ancient ruins. The island was an important point during the medieval Crusades and the Castle from Rhodes town is the best proof.

With a total surface of about 1.400 square km, Rhodos Island population is about 115.000 people.

Rhodes Airport is very close to Rhodes city and is located on the north side of the island. From airport to your hotel or to other sightseeing points you can take a taxi, rent a car or go by bus.

Things to do in Rhodes

The island is not very big but it is beautiful! There are plenty of things to do during your holiday.

Below, I will write some interesting facts about the most beautiful and famous places to see while in Rhodos Island.

Rhodes Old Town is the main attraction point from Rhodes Greece.

It is located in the north side of the island, very easy to reach from the airport. The town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the best preserved settlements from Medieval period.

Grand Masters Palace is the masterpiece of the St John Crusaders. Now, the palace with its enormous towers is a very well known museum. If you are interested in see how medieval knights lived, then visit the palace and why not, follow the Street of the Knights all the way to Rhodes old town square. The paved road with its medieval houses make you feel that you traveled back in time.

The Colossus of Rhodes is famous worldwide. Actually in our days the statue does not exist anymore. People presume that it was located in Rhodes harbor, where in our days could be found a deer statue. The Colossus used to guard the sailors from the medieval times.

Lindos is, in my opinion, the second well known place on the Rhodos Island after the Old Town.

Rhodes Greece the island with the longest summer Rhodos Island
Rhodos Greece the island with the longest summer

Lindos is located on a hill , on the east part of Rhodes Greece . The view of the village is magical. In the village you can find the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, build in the 4th century BC.

Valley of the butterfly is a hidden gem of Rhodes. What is this valley? Well, it is a 1 km long, green and lush canyon with trees called zities trees. The nectar of these trees attract a certain species of butterflies. Walking around the forest with all that butterflies near you is a very interesting experience! Visit this place if you have the chance!

Best time to visit Rhodos Island

When you speak about beaches, you might think that summer is the best period of the year to visit a beach. Well, I suggest you to think twice! Summer in this island is very hot! June, July and August are summer months! During this period the temperature reach about 40 degrees Celsius and there is no rain. Just heat all day long! Ideal for beach but still too hot!

On the other hand, late spring (especially May) and early autumn (especially September) is more friendly with humans! Hihi! I mean, the temperatures are not that high and there is a cool breeze which helps you breathe easier! During these period the prices are not very high so my advice is to think about it before choosing when to visit Rhodos Island Greece.

During May and September the prices are not very high so my advice is to consider these months when choosing to visit Rhodes Greece.

Interested in sightseeing not just laying at the beach? Then, definitely spring or autumn is the best time to visit Rhodes island.

During winter ( from December to February) it is colder and it rains a lot…not a good time to visit the Rhodos Island. Not to mention that most hotels are closed during these months!

To sum up now! If you are looking for a beach holiday then this is a good destination if you want to visit Greece ! Luxurious resorts and nice villas are the perfect refuge from daily stress and problems. People are very welcoming and nice! The food is good and the weather is just perfect for few days at the beach!

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