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This is the most useful travel guide Sri Lanka

Is this the most useful travel guide of Sri Lanka?

Don’t underestimate Sri Lanka! It is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands I have ever seen!

It has everything you could think of: ancient sites, national sites full of vibrant wildlife, Buddhist temples, tea plantations, wonderful beaches and many other fascinating places.

This travel guide of Sri Lanka was made based on our own experience and was tested by us. It is one of the most comprehensive guides for this island which:

  • Extract the most important attractions of the country
  • Offer a complete 10 days tour across the country ended with a few days on the beach
  • Tells you exactly what to do in each of the 10 days of your trip
  • Offers you the best accommodations from the areas with no commission
  • Tells you when is the best time to visit each part of this island and when is the monsoon season
  • Tells you what to eat, what to drink and how to act in respect of local people

This Sri Lanka travel guide gives us the densest and structured information you need for a perfect trip to this wonderful island.

Get your Sri Lanka Travel guide now!

With this travel guide in your hands, all you need is to hire a driver or to rent a car and hit the road! You will be amazed by the beauty and the diversity of this country!

Sri lanka travel guide book
Sri lanka travel guide book