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Sri Lanka travel Guide worldwide travel tips

Wild beaches, untamed nature and ancient sites all packed together in one place! Do you think it is possible? Well, it is! There is a very beautiful place on Earth where you can find all these things and many more. And this place is called Sri Lanka!

When I discovered this country I did not expect such a large variety of landscapes and so many beautiful places! But trust me, Sri Lanka is amazing!

Travel guide ebook Sri Lanka

Planning our trip was quite challenging because the time was limited and we wanted to see as many things as possible. So, based on our own experience we write for you guide which:

  • Tells you some brief information about this country and its people
  • Shows you what to eat and drink
  • Present you a complete analyze of local weather, rainy season and dry season
  • Splits the country in 9 major areas and tells you exactly what to do in each of these areas
  • Shows you the most interesting accommodations from each area, close to main attractions

And because we care about the environment, our proposal is to spare the trees and use this travel guide ebook Sri Lanka directly on your mobile devices.

When you need it, search for it, open it on your mobile device and spare the life of the trees!

Get Now the Sri Lanka travel Guide worldwide travel tips

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The ultimate travel guide ebook Sri Lanka

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