The most complete Sri Lanka travel guide packing list sri lanka

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Not once or twice it happened to me to realize when I was already at my destination that I forgot home a hat, or some medications, or many other things.

But now I changed my strategy: I make up a packing list with days before leaving and stick to it. It is by far the safest and simplest way to pack all my things.

Sri Lanka Travel guide packing list SRI LANKA

This Sri Lanka packing list travel guide  put together all you need for a perfect holidays:

  • Medications
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Basics
  • Documents
  • Tech
  • Hygiene elements
  • Other important stuff


Actually these were all the things that I needed for my SriLanka holiday. I put them down to help you pack your luggage. It might look a very long list but I tried to put down everything I packed for this trip. All you need is to print the guide and tick the boxes!

Having this resource will help you better plan your holiday, make sure you don’t miss anything and have all the necessary things with you on SriLanka.

This Sri Lanka travel guide packing list sri lanka contains all you need for a combined trip: a few days at the beach, a few days up in the hills and a tour across the country.

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The most complete Sri Lanka travel guide packing list sri lanka

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