Best 10 days Sri Lanka Travel Guide ebook PDF

Sri Lanka Travel Guide Book 10 days

Best 10 days Sri Lanka Travel Guide ebook PDF

No matter if you are looking for an adventure, a little culture and history or a relaxing beach holiday, Sri Lanka is the best choice!
There are so many things to do and so many places to visit and is so hard to decide what to include in your tour.

This Sri Lanka travel guide contains a complete 10 days itinerary

It is filled with top attractions spread all over the country.

The guide includes:

  • A complete tour of the island split on a daily basis
  • The most important information to know before you visit the country: documents needed, vaccinations, etc.
  • DOs and DONTs when in Sri Lanka
  • Places to sleep from all over the country, all of them offering a complete and very intense experience
  • Information about weather and when is the best time to visit this magnificent place

These and many other useful information can be found in this guide.
It is very easy to access and to carry: just keep it in your phone and follow it for the best trip ever!

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide ebook PDF

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