The most comprehensive Sri Lanka Travel Guide book

Sri Lanka Travel Guide Book 10 days

The most comprehensive Sri Lanka Travel Guide Book

Sri lanka formerly known as Ceylon, is an island country with a very rich cultural heritage and with a history dating back more than 3.000 years.

Starting with 1972, the country became a republic and changed the name from Ceylon, as it was known under British domination into Sri Lanka.

It is a little piece of heaven on earth and we strongly recommend you to visit it as it has many interesting things waiting to be discovered.

This Sri Lanka travel guide book was created especially for you to:

  • Maximize your time spent abroad
  • Save you some money with trip organisation and so, increase your holiday budget travel safer and teach you what documents you need to enter the country
  • Tell you where to sleep in order to be close to local attractions
  • Show you what to eat and what to drink to get a more local touch of the trip
  • Indicate you how to organise your trip to visit the top attractions

This Sri Lanka guide book was created by travelers for travelers to help them get a better understanding of this wonderful country and what it has to offer!

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide book

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