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The most useful Sri Lanka Travel Guide book pdf

The land of tea plantations, Asian elephants, and wild leopards, Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful islands in Asia.

Its rich cultural heritage and history, as well as beautiful beaches and untamed nature, makes this country one of the most visited places from Asia.

It is located very conveniently in south Asia and is a good alternative to India and a good stop when traveling to the Maldives.

This guide offers you:

  • Wonderful accommodations with a local flavor and excellent services
  • A shortlist of traditional foods and drinks to try while in Sri Lanka
  • A list of Do’s and Don’ts when visiting this country
  • A very comprehensive analysis of local weather and the best time to visit each part of the country

Get your Sri Lanka Travel guide now!

Actually, this guide provides all the necessary information for a complete 10 days tip!

Each day is planned very attentive to maximize your holiday in Sri Lanka!

Most useful Sri Lanka Travel Guide book pdf