The best Sri Lanka travel guide areas for your trip

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Once you get to Sri Lanka you will understand why it is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is a country full of ancient ruins, national parks and amazing sceneries.

This travel guide Sri Lanka split per areas are the perfect guide for your trip!
It pointed out many attractions to see and many things to do during your holiday.

Sri Lanka Travel guide areas

We split the country into 9 major areas just to make it easier for you when visiting this place.
For each of these 9 areas we:

  • Mark them on Sri Lanka map
  • Point out the most iconic sites
  • Extract the most important places to see and the most interesting things to do for a complete experience
  • Search for the most comfortable and beautiful retreats or hotels, just to pamper yourself and enjoy your holiday
  • Give you a brief information about Sri Lanka VISA, currency and general information

Download it today – SRI LANKA TRAVEL Guide AREAS

Beautiful places rich in wildlife and unique ancient sites spread all across the country are waiting to be discovered.

Based on your interests you can choose which part of the country you want to visit or you can extract from each part the most iconic places and combine cultural tours with history and wildlife.

With this Sri Lanka areas travel guide you can know exactly how to plan your trip and how much time you need to explore this wonderful country.

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The best Sri Lanka travel guide areas for your trip

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