The 5 best Transylvania Castles

These are the best Transylvania Castles

Each Transylvania castle has its own stories and mysteries. Land of medieval fortresses and Dracula stories, Transylvania is a place with a unique beauty and fascinating stories. Ruins forgot by time or nice refurbished citadels, all are waiting to be discovered and to tell you their stories. Stories which are important pieces in Romanian past and history. If the walls of this fortresses could speak they would tell us many unwritten stories and many secrets would come to light.

Castles, queens, and kings are something which fascinates me and makes me want to know more about the past. So, each time I have the chance, I visit these places full of history. During my trip to Romania, I visited several castles. I will try, in a few lines, to tell you some words about the most beautiful fortresses from Romania which I recommend you see when visit Transylvania.

Then this question popped up in my head:

Are there Castles in Transylvania ?

Of course there are, and not one but many beautiful castles in Transylvania. Every red dot you see on the map below is an important Castle in Transylvania, and please note that not every castle is marked on the below map, as they are spread around Transylvania.

Transylvania Castles map
Transylvania Castle map

1. Bran Castle

Known as the home of Dracula, the main character of Bram Stoker story, Bran is one of the most visited Transylvania castles in Romania. This work of art was built in XIV century as a fortress to control and defend the trade exchange done via Rucar- Bran Pass. Along with the time, the citadel suffers from destructions and reconstructions, the most important being the transformation made at the beginning of the XIX century during Queen Mary when the citadel know another period of glory.
The castle is located very close to Brasov, so it is ideal for a day trip from Bucharest and is a top-rated Transylvania castle.

5 best Transylvania Castle
Bran Castle

This castle corresponds perfectly with Bram Stoker description of Dracula fortress. More than that, Vlad Tepes the Vallah ruler identified by many as Dracula, lived in this fortress. Because of all these things, this place is also known as Dracula’s Castle. In reality, the citadel is an architectural masterpiece very well preserved, with a past full of events and facts which changed Romanian history.

The citadel is very well preserved and inside of it, you can find furniture dating Queen Mary period. Right near the castle, there is the House of Terror as a memory of Dracula’s habits.

2. Peles Castle Transylvania Castle

Built at the beginning of XIX century at King Mihai I initiative, the castle is a Neo-Renaissance masterpiece. It is located in Sinaia, right on the road which links old Wallachia with Transylvania. Both inside and outside areas of the building are very well maintained and very beautiful. Walking around the palace you get the feeling that you travel back in time. Everything is very carefully arranged as you expect to meet the queen from one minute to another.

5 best Transylvania Castle
Peles Castle – Transylvania Castles

Peles Castle, the second on my list, is home to over 4.000 Oriental and European pieces dating from the 15th century to 19th century. Everything is nicely arranged and preserved, a must-see place when visiting Romania. It is also very easy to reach being located right on your way from Bucharest to Brasov in the mountain resort called Sinaia. Definitely, you should pay it a visit if you have the opportunity.

3. Corvin Castle

Corvin fortress is one of the top medieval attractions from Transylvania built in Gothic style in the XIV century. This Transylvania castle was home of Prince Ioan of Hunedoara one of the most successful leaders in Ottoman combats.

This unique construction has a unique beauty and because of its remarkable landscape, it is the host of many events like opera or film festivals. Many publications wrote about this citadel that is the most beautiful castle in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe built in Gothic architecture.

5 best Transylvania castles
Corvin Castle Transylvania

This citadel seems to be detached from storybooks with its high wall, surrounded by a channel which during war periods was full of water, and bridge which can be lifted whenever needed. The fortification is built in such manner that from wherever you look from the inside, you have a very wide view over the surrounding area. This assured an increased protection factor.

Corvin Castle is located in Deva city, a beautiful and cozy town in Transylvania very easy to reach by car.
Nearby the fortress there are many other popular attractions, like Densus Church, Dinosaurs Geopark from Hateg, and Retezat National Park.

4. Banffy Castle

Banffy Castle from Bontida is located very close to Cluj Napoca. Unfortunately, this Transylvania castle is not preserved! There are just some ruins which reminded about the glory days of the place! During the communist area, this place was intentionally destroyed. Still, the ruins of Banffy are very impressive and imposing! It is a very popular place among photographers because of its unique beauty.

5 best Transylvania Castle
Banffy Castle Transylvania Castles

This citadel was also called the Versailles of Transylvania because of its magnificent gardens which surround the building. The landscape is indeed beautiful and worth paying a visit! You will get really nice photos of this place, especially if you choose to visit it at sunset!

In our days, the fortress is the host of a music festival, called Electric Castle which took each summer in July. With the money obtained from the festival, the event organizers try to preserve and recondition this masterpiece. Nice work guys!

5. Teleki Castle

Teleki Castle is the most iconic citadel in Mures area. This building reminds us about the period when aristocratic residences were the village centerpiece and everything revolved around those mansions. They had money, they had power and all these things could be seen in their imposing buildings.

This work of art was owned by the aristocrat family Teleki, one of the most well-known families from Transylvania and was built at the end of 18th century.

5 best Transylvania Castle
Teleki Castle

During the Second World War, this fortress was transformed into a medical care center.
The location is very close to Targu Mures city, very easy to reach by car.

Transylvania is a fairy tale land with many natural wonders and man-made beauties. You cannot visiting Romania without visiting at least one of these  iconic castles of Transylvania. Each Transylvania castle has its own charm and beauty! These castles are the mirror of a grandiose past and of a place full of history!

We wrote some more detailed articles on this subject here, should you wish to read more about it.

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