Is Transylvania in Romania? Do you know where it is?

Is Transylvania in Romania?

I am sure that after reading the Bram Stoker novel or seeing the movie made after this book you are wondering if Transylvania is a real place.

Yes, it is as real as possible!

is transylvania in Romania
Transylvania is in Romania

Transylvania is located in the heart of Romania, an ex-communist country located in the Balkan Peninsula, in the eastern part of Europe.

It is a very well preserved historical region with many beautiful attractions and a lot of things to experience.

This region is located inside the Carpathian arc on a wonderful plateau in a hillside area of Romania.

In ancient times, the area was inhabited by Geto-Dacians and was part of the Dacian Kingdom. After the Dacians were conquered by Romans, the province became part of the Roman Empire.

Over the years, the place was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and was attached to the Kingdom of Hungary.

According to the historical sources between XI and XIII century in the area were brought Hungarians, Saxons, Teutonic Knights and Cumans to colonize the region. So this is why cultural diversity is so big in our days.

After the first World War, when the Austro Hungarian Empire was disintegrated, Transylvania was attached to Romania and remains part of this country even today.

So, the answer to the question is Transylvania in Romania is yes, it is! It has been part of Romania since the end of the First World War.

In our days it is one of the most-visited parts of the country because it has so many beautiful things to be discovered!

Medieval towns with Saxon influences, fortified churches and beautiful sceneries are just some of the reasons why you should visit this place! Not to mention about food and the people!

Most of the products are from local farms and the food is really good cooked and tasty. You have to try some of the local dishes because I am sure you’re gonna like them!

No matter how piki you are you will find something to like!
And the people! They are so friendly and welcoming! They do their best to help and guide you!

A tour of Transylvania is not complete if you don’t sleep in a castle and in a traditional house! Even if is Transylvania in Romania it has some special characteristics like these 2!

We have really great memories from these places!
We enjoyed a lot of our time spent at Zabola Estate Transylvania . This is a former boyar mansion refurbished and very well maintained, with great rooms and really good services. We liked the food a lot, it was some kind of traditional food but adapted to this century. This experience made me feel like a princess!

And there was another experience we remember very well! We spend great moments in a traditional house in a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site village located on our way from Sighisoara to Brasov.

This traditional house transformed into a guest house is located in Mesendorf and is called Mesendorf Gasthaus . The rooms are clean and have everything you need for a comfortable stay and the food is good, mainly consisting in different venison specialities. You will be impressed by the atmosphere from the village and it is a great opportunity to see how countryside life is.

Now that you know if is Transylvania in Romania and how many hidden attractions this region has, I hope you will include it on your next holiday!

One more thing I want you to know! This country is extremely cheap and not yet explored and transformed by mass tourism! That is why I consider that this is the best time to visit Transylvania!

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