Is Romania expensive to travel? Plan your holidays in Romania

„First we have the budget and then we decide where to go!” After this motto I plan all my trips, including my holidays in Romania!

Is Romania expensive to travel? How much money I need to spend a holiday in Romania?

Generally when I plan a trip I look at the accommodation price, at meal costs, entrance fees! Actually I am interested in cost of living for that country! I need this information just to have an idea for how much money do I need!

To be sure that I got a good price for accommodation I started to search for rooms with a few weeks or even months before the departure date. I didn’t wait for last minute offers!

I like to have everything booked from time in order to get the best quality at the best price! Beside the price, reviews from internet websites from all over the world are very important for me!

Holidays in Romania Is Romania expensive to travel
Holidays – is Roumania expensive to travel ?

Holidays in Romania accomodation and food

For my holiday in Romania I found accommodation for about 20-30 USD per night per person! The quality of the amenities and the room were very good! For about 50 USD per night per person you can find mid-luxury accommodation in traditional houses and medieval castles!

Just by knowing the accommodation price you cannot say if is Romania expensive to travel. You need to include in your budget the cost of a meal in Roumania that must include romanian food, the gasoline price if you rent a car and any other related costs when you visit Romania .

Transylvanian Traditional food Holiday in Romania
Transylvanian Traditional food Romanian food

If you are interested in renting a car I advice you to book it in advance! It is the same as for accommodation! To get a better price, book in advance and keep an eye on other people’s reviews! For about 15 USD per day you can book a Logan.

You can find best price for a car rental in Romania on the websites that offer car rentals! Logan (Dacia) is Romania’s national car, very good for a trip inside the country!

Regarding the food price for your holidays in Romania I can tell you that you can eat in a restaurant a traditional meal with about 5-7 USD per person. If you are looking with more fancy restaurants, than you must know that the price of the food will be at about 10-15 USD per person. But for this money you will get tasty food and really nice services!

We are delighted by the romanian food we ate in restaurants all over the country, every region having it’s specific taste and specific recipe for the traditional romanian food.

Don’t leave the country without trying some romanian traditional food!


My answer to the question: Is Romania expensive to travel is obviously NO! It is the perfect budget destination!

There are so many beautiful places to visit in this country! And with a small amount of money you can plan an unforgettable trip to Romania so you should definitely consider planning one of your holidays in Romania!


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