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How to spend a day in Danube Delta

Where else is fish tastier than in Danube Delta?! This was what we thought when we book a boat tour to Caraorman, a small village from Danube Delta.

The tour was with lunch included, so if you are not ready to eat three courses of fish then take with you biscuits and energy bars.

I don’t have a problem eating fish so I was prepared to try Delta’s local foods.

The trip to Caraorman was like a travel back in time. From , the place where we were staying to this village forgotten by the world is about 1 and a half-hour boat ride.

Sailing a day in Danube Delta along Danube channels we had the opportunity to observe wildlife.

Pelicans, cormorants, wild ducks and many other bird species appeared on our way.

Some of them were with chicks, others were nesting and others were searching for food.

Everything is green, lush and untamed. We let ourselves lost in that magnificent world and we admired the beauty of the area.

It is not very hard to understand why Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage! There are so many species of birds and plants! What a unique land!

The time flew by very quickly and we reached Caraorman on our boat tour.

Caraorman is an isolated village with a population of about 150 people located in the heart of the Danube Delta.

This place is special because of the sandbanks with a height of about 9 meters above sea level and the flooded forest from the island.

After a short safari, a tasting of local foods was scheduled. But before eating we were ready to explore the area.

Boat tour a day in Danube Delta and local foods tasting
a day in Danube Delta Caraorman Forest

Because of the sandbanks, you have the feeling that you are in the desert area not in the middle of a delta with lush vegetation and surrounded by water.

I must confess that I was surprised to see that landscape! I did not expect something so different!

After a few minutes of sand safari in front of our eyes appeared a lush forest with old trees.

From a fair distance, there is nothing unusual. You expect to find a forest with leaves on the ground, specific to hardwood forests.

But when you get closer, the ground is completely different then what you expect.

It is just water everywhere! Because of the increased humidity, there are mosquitos everywhere, too! Be prepared with mosquito repellents to fight against these hungry and annoying insects!

After a short battle with the insects but not before taking some beautiful photos of the area we headed up to a local farm for local foods tasting.

We supposed we would eat fish because this is the local basic food.

We were curious about how the fish would be prepared. We were so anxious to taste what locals would offer us before our boat tour back to our stay!

And here it was! The moment of truth finally arrived!

The hosts were very friendly and glad to receive us! The food was ready, waiting for us!

Roe salad, smoked fish, fish bites, fish soup, and fish brine are just some of the dishes served! All dishes were very tasty and well cooked!

The basic ingredient, which is the fish was caught that night and this made the difference!

Let’s not forget to mention the guide! He was just perfect for a day in Danube Delta!

He was the right man at the right place! He provided us with much useful information and inside data about villager’s life, how they managed to earn their money and how they live.

You realize very quickly that their set of values in life is completely different from ours.

After a good meal, we continued our tour back to the hotel.

We crossed from one lake to another, from one channel to another until we reached the main canal, St. George. We admired the beautiful surroundings and the sunbathing in the river.

In a few moments we were back to .  We had a good night sleep at that beautiful resort hidden in the wild.

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Danube Delta

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The day in DANUBE DELTA ended with a beautiful sunset on the river at the end of our boat tour!

I have no words to describe what a relaxing and beautiful day we had! The local foods were to die for!

Try it by yourself if you don’t believe me!