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Visit Danube Delta bird watching tours and accommodation

It is summer and the holiday season is on! All of us are thinking about the best way to spend a few days away from work or from home. Some of us prefer to go to the mountains and others to the seaside.

I chose to go on Danube Delta bird watching tours

Actually, I was looking for a destination close to the sea but not somewhere to lay in the sun all day! I wanted to have a little bit of everything: wildlife close by, water around me and a place where to stay in the sun for a few hours if I really want to! The perfect way to experience all these things was Danube Delta boat tours! Around me was water and wildlife and in the afternoon when I returned to the resort I could lay in the sun for how long I wanted.

Danube Delta bird watching tours Danube Delta boat tours
Bird-watching tours in Danube Delta

The hotel is located right where the Danube flows into the sea, so the view is incredible!

It is a nice four star resort located in the heart of nature in Danube Delta << click

The romanian delta is a unique territory, part of UNESCO World Heritage Center since 1991.

Now, let me tell you some interesting facts about this area. Did you know that more than half of the Delta is intact? Or that this Biosphere Reserve is formed around three main channels: Sulina, Chilia and St Gheorghe? More than that, over 60% from world pygmy cormorants population and more than 50% from world red-breasted geese have their home in this reservation? Did you know that the area has one of the largest bio-diversities on Earth? Yes! Just Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos Archipelago is more reach in biodiversity than Danube Delta.

Now, I hope you agree with me that Danube Delta boat tours are a once in a lifetime experience which you should try in order to get the full picture of this great area.

For many years, we considered that Danube Delta bird watching tours are not for us; we did not know many species of birds and these tours were seen by us as a waste of time! As we did not know if we liked or not, we started with day tours along our trips in the area and we ended going to a trip dedicated to bird watching activities.

The Danube Delta is a huge space! It has so many channels that it is very easy to get lost along them! Don’t try to experience the area by yourself! I know! It might look cheaper and more adventurous to go by your own, but I did not advise you to do so. We preferred to book daily Danube Delta boat tours from our resort and to go on private daily trips along the most wild and untamed channels to observe and take pictures of the wildlife.

Having the perfect location, Green Village Resort is the best accommodation to start your Delta tours!

It was just amazing to be on a boat and watch wildlife around you! I was so excited and thrilled by the birds I saw! I was lucky to have a very knowledgeable guide! He knew all the channels and the area very well so tours with him were a pleasure! He provided us a lot of useful information.

Initially, when we booked Danube Delta bird watching tours I was pretty sure that after the first day I will get bored! Somehow, I was sorry for paying that money! I was thinking that it would be boring to see birds every day and the same channels! I mean, how different could be?!  But I was so wrong!

Once I get there and I made two Danube Delta boat tours I was so excited, exactly like a little child! Hours flew like minutes and I became more and more excited when seeing birds! The guide explained us lots of things about each bird we saw!

Each day, when the tour was over I was very sad and anxious to start the next day and the new tour! pelicans, cormorants, eagles, vultures, egrets, geese, ibises, cranes and swans are just some of the birds we saw during our tours! You know what I liked the most? I liked the fact that all these birds were free and wild! That there were no fences and bars around them!

The feeling of freedom was everywhere! I felt very free and relaxed while navigating along channels!

If you like taking pictures, then Danube Delta boat tours are the ideal trip to do so!

I am pretty sure that now that you found out of these things you want to see with your own eyes this nature wonder! When visit Romania, you could combine Danube Delta bird watching tours with few days at Black Sea Coast! For sure you will come back home with batteries fully charged!