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How to visit Romania without spending a lot

I am sure that most of you are wondering how to visit Romania, which is the best time to visit Romania and how to travel here without spending a lot of money.

Romania is one of the wildest and most beautiful countries of Europe, located in Balkan Peninsula and bordering Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia.

how to visit Romania visit Bucharest Cec Old Town

visit Bucharest Cec Old Town

Accommodation costs

The good news is that Romania is a pretty cheap country. For about 30 USD per night per person, you can sleep in beautiful guesthouses or in 3 or even 4-star hotels all across the country.

You can find cheaper rooms but be careful and check before if they have or not a private bathroom. Yes! Some of the hotels have shared bathrooms so don’t let yourself fooled!

Obviously the hotels from big cities are always more expensive, especially if you want to stay close to the city centre. A fancy hotel located in the heart of the city might easily cost around 100 USD per night per person.

Traditional houses transformed into guesthouses which offer traditional reinvented cuisine are also more expensive than the average rate, but trust me, it’s worth each penny. They are somewhere between 50 to 80 USD per night per person with breakfast included.

And for traditional houses and castles, our recommendation is Zabola The Machine House or any traditional house from Viscri.

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Viscri area

The food costs and how to visit Romania

The food costs are not very high too. Many restaurants offer for lunch the daily menu consisting of 3-course meal and costs somewhere between 5 to 7 USD.

If you don’t want to try the daily menu, then the average price for a 3-course meal is somewhere between 8 to 15 USD.

But trust me! You cannot eat 3 courses because in general, the portions are really big! We never eat 3 courses! We usually eat the main course and a dessert, which sometimes we split it in two! Oh boy! There is a lot of food!

Food cost Romanian food

Food cost Romanian food

A good way to save some money is to order soup! Soup price starts from 3 USD and is very consistent and is usually served with bread.

Or you can eat fast food. The fast-food price is around 5 USD, but it is really a pity to go to Romania and eat fast food when there is plenty of delicious food around!

And there is always the third option: cooking. You can buy your food from supermarkets like Penny, Lidl or Profi and prepare your own food.

Actually, this is the cheapest way but then you need to have an Airbnb or something were to have a kitchen.

Transportation costs and how to visit Romania

The transportation costs vary depending on which type of transport you choose.

The cheapest way is to travel by using public transport and trains, but this might not always be the best option. There are many attractions which cannot be reached by public transport.

Or you need to change many buses and trains to get there which means a lot of time waste on the road.

The best way to explore the country, especially if you plan a full tour across the country is to rent a car.

The renting prices are not very high. They start from 30 USD per day for a Dacia Logan, which is the Romanian national car.

Get the best price for your car rental today

My advice is to go and rent a car if you want to be time-efficient and see as many places as possible!

You are your own boss! You don’t need to be stressed out or in a hurry because your train or your bus is leaving.

So, to sum up, if you don’t want to travel as most travellers do and you are a fan of cooking and AirBnb then you need somewhere between 60 to 90 USD per day with car rental fee included.

Now that you know how to visit Romania at a reasonable price, it’s time to do your plans and hit the road!


Friday 8th of May 2020

Great post! I would love to visit Romania one day!

Sonia Hash

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Hi Katie! Thank you for your feedback! Romania is a wonderful country! We hope one day you will visit it and spend some great moments here!

Chris Toone | Toone's Travels

Friday 8th of May 2020

The tips are CLUTCH. Thank you so much! I've long been intrigued by the Balkans but have yet to explore it. This has definitely laid the groundwork for a potential Romanian adventure in the future :)

Sonia Hash

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Hi Chris and thank you for your kind words! Balkans is one of Europe's hidden gems full of beautiful places and untamed nature! Romania is not an exception! It is one of the last countries in Europe where traditions, culture and nature are still untamed! We invite you to visit Romania and the other countries from Balkans! You will have a really great surprise!

Kelly Diane

Tuesday 5th of May 2020

Thank you for sharing your tips, especially about the bathroom! I'd hate to arrive only to find I was sharing a bathroom.

Sonia Hash

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Hi Kelly! Thank you for your feedback! I am glad that you find this article useful and I hope you will include Romania on your travel plans!