Carturesti Carusel Bucharest Beautiful Bookstore

History of Carturesti Carusel

This building from the 19th century acted as a bank head office till it was enclosed 1948. After that, it was a men’s clothes shop, and also afterwards a general shop during Communism.

After 1989, when the Communist regimen collapsed, the building was abandoned and also become spoil until it was saved by Jean Chirssoveloni that invested concerning 1,000,000 EUR to bring back and also transform it with the engineers from Square One.

After the structure was entirely restored to the stunning structure it once was, he rented it to Carturest chain, the largest bookstore chain in Romania.

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore Bucharest
Carusel Carturesti Bookstore Bucharest

Carturesti Carusel Today

Carturesti bookstore chain considers this building its flagship concept store. The 1000 square meter space take up 6 floors and hosts more than 10.000 books, 5000 albums and large DVD collection.

You can find here a multimedia area in the basement, there are an art gallery and exhibition area on the first floor, and on the top floor, there is a cafe and bistro waiting for you to drink a coffee or a tasty cup of tea while you just sit, relax and read your favourite book.

They also serve tasty food, wine and many more waiting to be discovered.

Design of Carusel Carturesti

The Carturesti Carusel name translates to “Carousel of Light” and according to the Square One Architect “The sinuous shape of the floors creates a dynamic atmosphere similar to a moving carousel…”.

The light that enters through the skylight floor beautifully lights the white interior and the airy design accompanied by the warm lighting system that was inspired by the night starry sky.

Many of the building’s classic original elements were left intact during the restoration process, some of the notable architectural elements were the spiral staircases, Byzantine marble colonnades and several balconies with the railings composed of metal rods that are both transparent and opaque, depending from where you look at them.

Various cultural events, readings, exhibitions, concerts and book launch events are hosted inside Carturesti Carusel. During our visit we even saw a young married couple with a professional photographer shooting beautiful wedding photos on the ground floor near the spiral staircase, and afterwards they went up the first floor for some more photo shooting.

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