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Trip research planner

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Planning a trip requires a lot of effort and time especially when you choose the best flight, hotel, car, restaurants, and bars for your trip.

The decisions you take in this part of the process influence directly the quality of your trip and the amount of money you need for your holiday.

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You have chosen your next travel destination and now you are starting your research work about flights, hotels, car rental, and places to eat and drink?

Do you have a tone of notes with flight fares, beautiful hotels, bars, and restaurants that you want to include in your itinerary?

Do you want to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and pick the best options from the long list of hotels, airline companies, and restaurants?

This trip research planner helps you gather all the useful information about flights, accommodation, car rental, restaurants, and bars in one place.

Travel is indeed a relaxing thing but planning in detail each trip might be more complicated than you expect and for sure will take you a lot of time and effort.

With this planner, you can easily pick the best option and you have all the information gathered in one place, structured, and very well defined.

This planning a trip printable contains 11 documents as listed below:

  • A Travel Planner cover sheet to fill in the basic information about your trip
  • A flight research planner where you will write down information about the flights and companies that operate to the place chosen to be your next trip location
  • A Flight Information sheet where you will write down details about your flight once you choose it
  • Accommodation Research worksheet where you write down the hotels, resorts, and AirBnbs that you like most (a long list of accommodation options)
  • Accommodation Information sheet where you note the hotels chosen for your stay
  • Car Rental Research planner to write down information about the cars and providers from your destination
  • Car Rental Information worksheet to write down details about the car you pick for your trip as well as all kind of useful information related to the rental process
  • An activity research list where to write the activities you find available at the chosen destination
  • An Activity to-do list which I like to call the activity shortlist where you should write down your favorite activities available, which you definitely don’t want to miss on your trip
  • A Best Restaurants list where to write the name of the restaurant, the type of food served, and other important information about the place
  • A Best Bars and Pubs worksheet where to include your favorite bars and pubs from your holiday destination