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Trip attraction planner

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Planning a trip proves to be a difficult task for most of us as each destination comes with a bunch of interesting places to see and ultimate activities to try.

This tourist attraction planner helps you structure your activity list and also the most beautiful places to be seen from your holiday destination.

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You have chosen your next travel destination and now you are starting your research work about the most important places to see and things to do?

You have a tone of notes with the most important attractions and activities for your next trip and you find it difficult to gather all the information in one place?

Do you want to start planning your next holiday and want to write down a list of the most important things to do and activities?

This trip attraction planner helps you gather all the useful information for your trip (things to do and places to see) in one place and organize you so as to be able to prioritize the activities based on their importance and popularity.

With this planner, you can have on hand all the important things to see and do for a holiday destination and you can group them based on their importance.

This trip attractions planner contains 6 documents as listed below:

  • A cover sheet to write down the details of the trip
  • A Places to See page where you can list down on one column the activities and on another column the places to see
  • A Top Places to See page to classify the attractions based on their importance and popularity
  • A Things to Do page to write down the activities and their exact location
  • A Top things to Do page where to extract and write down the most important things to be done in that location
  • A Must See Places list where you should write down just the most amazing places, which should not be missed

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