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Travel Planner Packing list

2,99 $

This Travel Planner Packing list is created by travelers for travelers from all over the world to help you prepare and pack all the necessary items for your future trip.

There are lots of things to pack when going on a trip and it is quite difficult to remember and pack all of them if you don’t have a packing list printable where to write down each item you need.

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Are you thinking about preparing your list with all the things you need for your next trip and don’t know where to start?

Did you know that making your packing list in advance guarantees you that you pack everything you need with you?

Do you plan multiple lists with the things to pack and you find it quite complicated to gather all the information in one place?

This travel planner packing list helps you prepare your luggage and put all your necessary things with you so that you don’t have to encounter extra costs for buying what you missed at home.

With this planner you can keep your packing list and carry on packing list updated and split on the main categories of items you should pack: clothes, documents, toiletries, tech, financial, hand luggage and miscellaneous.

This packing list planner contain 4 files:

  • 2 packing lists (a blank page and another one with the main categories of items pre-filled)
  • 2 carry on packing lists (a blank page and another list with the main categories of items pre-filled)

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