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Sitter printable planners

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Created to help you properly plan your trips!

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This Sitter printable planner is created by travelers for travelers from all over the world to help you rest assured that your house, your pets, and your children are in good hands while you are abroad.

These planners were inspired by the huge number of records I keep for my house, my pet, and of course my child. Once you fill in all the details required, keep a copy of the document for your future trips and night outs.

The planner contains all the information a sitter should know about your pet, your child, and your house so they can do a great job and take care of everything while you are away.

I am sure that not once you were about to leave home and realize that there are some more details and information to provide to your sitters to take care of everything. Or even worse… you already leave home and remember that you forgot to tell the sitter which is your child’s favorite food, or when he should walk your dog, or which is the garage code.

With this planner, you can rest assured that all the useful information is provided on time and in the proper manner to your sitters.

We gather for you in one place all the relevant information you need to provide so that everything will go smoothly without you.

You will spare a lot of time and effort with these printables as we did the hard job for you. We include in these printables all the necessary information based on our expertise and experience as each time we left home we realised there is something else we forgot about.

Once you get back home, don’t throw these files away as they proved to be very useful for the next time you leave.

  • This printer help you gather in one place all the information you need to provide to your sitters so that things go smoothly while you are away
  • With this printable correctly filled you can leave home without worries and everything would be on good hands
  • You can write down here all the information about your pet program, your baby habits and your house codes so that the sitters can do their job properly
  • You can relax in your holiday or night out without thinking that there might be things that you forgot to tell to your sitter
  • Keeping these planners after you come back home, you have a solid starting point for next time you leave home and don’t have to think of everything from scratch

Get the Sitters Printable Planners now

These Sitter Printable Planners contain all the information you need to provide to your sitters so that everything go well while you are away.

We did the hard work for you and think about all the details that matter and that should be provided to a third party so that he can take care of your pet, baby, or house while you are on a holiday or you just decided to spend a night out.

For each of the following categories: house, baby, and pet we created two documents that gather only the useful information to be provided.

The planners for each category contain two different documents: one that collects all the information that should be provided to the sitter and the other one that is a to-do list, a list where you write down what the sitter should do while you are away.

Get the Sitter Printable planners now and spend a holiday without any worry that something might go wrong while you are away.