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Smart Money Management: Navigating Dutch Currency

Currency of the Netherlands

The official currency in the Netherlands starting with 2002 in euro. Between 1999 and 2002 euro was used just for electronic transfers and traveller’s cheque, while the dutch guilder was the physical currency used in daily life.

Together with the other 18 countries, the Netherlands form the so-called „eurozone” which is translated as the place where euro is used as the national currency.

The Netherlands was among the first countries which adopted the euro as a national currency. The good news is that the dutch guilder can still be exchanged at the National Bank of Dutch until 2032, while coins are no longer exchangeable!

The symbol for the euro is € and the code is EUR.
At this date, 1 EUR = 1.11 USD.

An interesting thing about the euro is that any country can personalize the banknotes. Let’s take for example the Netherlands. Between 1999 to 2013, the euro coins from the Netherlands featured the Dutch Queen Beatrix on the national side.

currency of the Netherlands

currency in the Netherlands

But starting with 2013 when the queen abdicated the throne, on the appear the face of King Willen Alexander.
Although each country has the right to personalise one side of the coins and the banknotes, these can be used all over the world where the euro is accepted.

How to exchange your money into currency of the Netherlands

Dutch ATMs

A very easy and convenient way to get the currency of Netherlands is to withdraw it from any dutch ATM.

Once you reach the Netherlands search for geldautomaat ( this is how you say ATM in dutch language). Finding one is very easy because they are spread all over the country. Netherlands is a very modern country, at least from this point of view so paying with card and finding an ATM is extremely easy.

Good news is that dutch banks’ ATMs do not charge any taxes for foreign cards. The only taxes you will have are the one practised by your bank.

Good ATM for Netherlands currency

Good ATM for Netherlands money

So, before you use your card abroad make sure you check with your bank the fees applies all over the world.

And there is something else I want you to tell! It’s about withdrawing money from the ATM. If you have the option to be charged in your local currency of in euro, choose euro because usually the rates used are more convenient for you

Exchange offices and banks

Another practical way to get euros, the official currency of the Netherlands is to buy them from exchange offices and banks.

An interesting fact about exchanging money at dutch banks is that you can do this operation only if you have an account open at that bank.

Yeah! You read it correctly! No bank will exchange your money if you enter the bank office and ask for that! You first need to have a bank account open on that bank and just after that you can exchange money.

This is why the only options you have are the exchange offices or grenswisselkantor (GWK).

In most cities, these GWK or exchange offices could be found in train stations. The only exceptions are Rotterdam and Amsterdam where you can find these offices also in the cities.

But I don’t recommend you to use any of these exchange offices because the rates are very very poor for the one who buys euros.
Stay away from exchange offices located in airports, bars, hotels and coffee shops because they practice awful exchange rates.

Paying with your card

The good news is that you can use your credit or debit account to pay abroad.
Fortunately, there are no commissions and taxes you have to pay when you pay with a card. The only commission you have is the one practised by the bank where your account is open.

Credit Card Visa currency in the Netherlands

Credit Card Visa currency in the Netherlands

So, check these rates and commissions with your bank before you travel abroad to avoid any unpleasant surprises!
These are the best ways to get the official currency of the Netherlands when you plan to visit this magnificent country!

In our days, euros are easy to obtain because is the second used currency after the dollar. You can even buy them from a bank in your home town! You don’t need to worry about this! Just plan your trip and enjoy your time spent abroad!