Amsterdam day trips – Netherlands countryside

Netherlands is a remarkable country. Its windmills and channels create a unique landscape. There are lots of places to visit many of them very close to Amsterdam, making a good choice for Amsterdam day trips.

There is such a huge difference between the hustle and buzzle of big cities and the life in a picturesque place in Netherlands countryside, with it’s authentic villages and canals, windmills and all the other beautiful attractions.

When you visit Netherlands include on your list few Amsterdam day trip to some of these countryside villages.

Some of them are really close to Amsterdam and very accessible by bus or by trains.

We reserved an entire day to visit 3 beautiful villages around Amsterdam: Volendam, Edam and Marken.

Amsterdam day trips Netherlands Countryside
Amsterdam day trip Netherlands

These three places are representative for Netherlands countryside, in my opinion.

We reached them by bus from Amsterdam in less than an hour, making them a good option for Amsterdam day trips.

Traditional houses with beautiful flowers at windows along the narrow streets or near the channels or the sea, a calm atmosphere dominating the place were the right ingredients which fascinated us and made us like the places very much.

We first visited Edam, a small village crossed by channels. It is a very small and nice village with calm and smiling people everywhere. Oh! I have almost forgot! We bought some very good local cheese from a local shop!

In our Amsterdam day trips our next stop was Volendam.

Volendam is a fishing village with a nice old harbour full with old local ships. Near the water there are lots of small restaurants where you can eat fish and chips while you enjoy the view over the North Sea.

From Volendam port you can take a boat ride to Marken. It is much faster and certainly more beautiful than the bus ride. Marken is, in my opinion, the smallest village we visited. It is displayed along the water. I compared this netherlands countryside village with a one from a fairy tale.

We really enjoyed our escapes for Netherlands day trips! After that day we felt more relaxed and helped us disconnect from big city stress!

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