These are the 5 best Greek islands to visit in October

Going on holiday in shoulder season is a very smart option!

Do you consider going to Greece but you don’t know which are the best greek islands to visit in October?

There are plenty of wonderful places to choose from and fortunately, the climate of Greece is perfect even in October.

Crete best Greek islands to visit in October
Crete best island of Greece to visit in October

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot and dry summers.

Sometimes, during summer it might be too hot for you to enjoy your time abroad and that is why October is a good time to visit the Greek islands.

But Greece has more than 200 islands.

Which one has the best weather in October?!

We analysed each island’s weather and we made a top with the best Greek islands for your holiday in October:


Crete is the largest island of Greece.

It has a total surface of 8.300 Square kilometres and a population of 635.000 people.

Based on statistics and measurements, Crete is the warmest island of Greece.

Crete best Greek islands to visit in October
Crete best Greek island to visit in October

The average temperature in October is 20 degrees Celsius with a maximum temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius.

The outside temperatures are great for spending some hours at the beach.

And the sea temperature is perfect for taking a bath.

We suggest you book some time to visit the island because there are many interesting attractions around.

With its ancient ruins and wonderful villages, Crete is a very surprising place!

Another advantage of travelling in the shoulder season is the price.

You will pay less for the same quality as during peak season.

Why not indulge in premium conditions in a premium class hotel with all-inclusive?

Sirios Village Hotel & Bungalows – All Inclusive is a 4-stars resort located close to Chania in the middle of a beautiful garden offering a huge outdoor pool and great services.

The rooms are clean and the food is varied and tasty.

This is a really great choice for your Crete holiday!

2. Santorini, one of the best greek islands to visit in October

Santorini is one of the most crowded places in Greece so visiting this island during peak season is not the smartest choice.

There will be tourists everywhere and the prices are really high.

In October the crowds have gone and the prices decrease.

It is the perfect time to explore the island and observe the local culture.

You still can enjoy your holiday and lay on the beach the whole day.

Santorini Greece Island Pool accommodation view
Santorini Greece Island Pool accommodation view

The weather is still warm, around 20-25 degrees Celsius and the water is warm enough for taking a swim.

After a long day of exploring the island, sip a cocktail on a beautiful terrace located right near the sea and head up to your hotel for a good night’s sleep.

We found a beautiful aparthotel in Fira, one of the best towns from Santorini.

Lemon Suites Aparthotel is located a few minutes walk from the Archeological Museum Thera, Megaro Gyzi and offer modern and stylish rooms with great views over the city.

Some of the rooms have an outdoor hot tub.

3. Rhodes

Rhodes is one of my favourite islands in Greece.

We always visited it during shoulder season and we liked it a lot.

The scenery, the people and the food were great each time we went there!

Summer months are extremely hot and with zero days of rain.

It is so hot that it is almost impossible to explore the island.

That is why we always choose to visit Rhodes in May, September or October.

In October the temperatures might go up to 25 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature is somewhere around 16 degrees Celsius.

Rhodes Greece Greek Town Greek Islands
Rhodes Greece Greek Town Greek Islands

And the sea temperature is just perfect for a quick bath!

That is why I consider Rhodes as one of the best greek islands to visit in October!

If you feel that the sea temperature is too low, then you can move to the outdoor pool as we did!

We spent our holiday at Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa a great hotel located right on the beach with 2 huge outdoor pools and an indoor pool for the cold ones.

Depending on the weather and our mood, we moved from the pool to the beach and vice versa.

And in between, we get spoiled with tasty food and wonderful views over the sea from our balcony.


With an average temperature in October of about 20 degrees Celsius and with many days of sun, Corfu is one of the best locations to spend your autumn holiday.

In the Ionian Sea, there is no bad time to visit the islands, but I like Corfu most in autumn.

It is less crowded and the prices are really reasonable.

We recommend you to enjoy your holiday at Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu - Adults Only a 5-star resort located close to the beach with a wonderful view of the sea.

It is an adults-only resort with very stylish rooms, great services and tasty food.

5. Mykonos

One of the best greek islands to visit in October, Mykonos is the capital of entertainment and fun.

The beaches with their golden sands, the endless parties and the welcoming people make from this island a popular destination among tourists.

The island is extremely crowded during summer, but in October most of the tourists have gone and the prices decrease.

The sea temperature, the warm sun and the low number of rainy days make from Mykonos the perfect destination for your October holiday.

Book your rooms at Lithos by Spyros & Flora, a completely new hotel located right near the beach with modern rooms facing the sea, great pool and good quality services.

Visit Mykonos Greece Island Port Boats
Visit Mykonos Greece Island Port Boats

October is one of the best months of the year to visit the Greek islands!

The weather is warm, there are just a few days of rain and the crowds have gone.

You have the islands mostly for yourself! It is a good time to explore and taste the local flavours!

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