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Rainy Day Fun: Activities in Athens to Brighten Your Trip

Things to do in Athens on a rainy day

Perfect holiday means for most long and sunny days, not too hot, nor too cold when you can walk from morning till evening and explore the area.

But sometimes things are not as we expected and small incidents might appear. A rainy day is something which we don’t want to have during our holiday but let’s be realistic and admit that something like this might happen.

Plaka things to do in Athens on a rainy day in Athens

Plaka Athena Greece rainy day in Athens

That is why you should be prepared for such days and have a backup plan.

So, wondering what to do in Athens on a rainy day?

Here is a list of some very interesting activities which you can do in Athens on a rainy day:

1. A tour of Greek museums

Athens is full of ancient ruins and museums. If you would like to visit all the museums and galleries with art and ancient ruins you’ll need at least 3 days for all of them.

3 days is a little bit too much, to be honest! But there are some very beautiful museums which you definitely have to see!

Acropolis Athens Greece Temple Museum

Acropolis Athena Greece Temple Museum

Acropolis Museum is one of them! It is a modern museum, built-in 2009 and is home to an impressive collection of ancient artefacts discovered all over the country.

The National Archeological Museum, the Cycladic Art Museum or the Benaki Museum are other important galleries which should not be missed when in Athens.

They display a very impressive exhibition of ancient and medieval items which tell you interesting stories about our past.

2. Get a pottery class

One of the best things to do in Athens on a rainy day is to go to a pottery class.

Learning new things is always welcome. How about a pottery class in one of the oldest cities on Earth?

Athens Pottery Class what to do in Athens on a rainy day

Athens Pottery Class| what to do in Athens on a rainy day

What a great idea for a rainy day in Athens! You learn a new thing but you leave Athens with a unique souvenir, a one made by you!
With Athens Pottery Workshop: Make Your Own Greek Souvenir making your own souvenir is possible! In 2 and a half hours you will learn from a professional how to model the clay to obtain an authentic Greek souvenir!

Athens Pottery Workshop Make Your Own Greek Souvenir

Athens Pottery Workshop Make Your Own Greek Souvenir

3. Become a cooking master

Greece is not just about ancient ruins, amazing islands and serene beaches. It is also about tasty food and welcoming people!

A great way to get in touch with local culture is to find the secrets behind the scene of some of the most popular dishes from Greece.

Learn from the experts how to cook traditional food to be as tasty as it is in its home country.

Go to the grocery store and buy ingredients and then book a seat at a cooking class.

With Athens: Greek Cooking Group Class you’ll get the opportunity to learn from international chefs how to cook delicious Greek meals.

You will prepare a three courses meal and learn how to combine them with local wine, plus many more other recipes to cook them at your home.

Athens Greek Cooking Group Class

Athens Greek Cooking Group Class

4. Drink a coffee on an Athens coffee

One of the most popular things to do in Athens on a rainy day is to sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on an Athens coffee shop.

There are plenty of coffees to choose from, some of them offering amazing views over the Acropolis and the city of Athens. This is what to do in Athens on a rainy day: drink a coffee and enjoy the view!

For greeks drinking a coffee is something very important so this is the main reason why you will find very easily lots of wonderful coffee shops all over Athens.

Greeks like to talk a lot and to spend a lot of time with their friends. And coffee is a good opportunity to do this! And what’s the rush on a rainy day in Athens?!

Become a local just for a couple of hours and enjoy your cup of coffee while admiring the Acropolis!

5. Let’s do some shopping

Rainy day? No problem! There are plenty of malls in Athens where you can spend your entire day shopping!

For those of you looking for a bargain, I recommend you to visit the vibrant and active Monastiraki flea market, while the Kolonaki area is for those with a fat shopping budget.

It might surprise you, but Athens is home to one of the best shopping mall in Europe, so this is the right city to be if you are a shopaholic! Golden Hall is the name of the best place where you could be if you want to spend some money!

It has more than 130 stores displayed on more than 40.000 square kilometres.

6. Enjoy your time at spa

Or another great way to spend your rainy day in Athens is to relax in the hotel spa or drink a cocktail at the bar.

One of the best spas from Athens is at Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens . It is located in the city centre, next to the House of Parliament and Constitution Square. From some of the room and from the common area you can admire the Acropolis.

The spa is one of the best from the entire city, offering high-quality services with luxury products. Still, wondering what to do in Athens on a rainy day?! I don’t think so!

You see, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Athens on a rainy day!

Don’t worry if the weather is not perfect for outdoor activities! You have a wonderful backup plan and your holiday will be amazing!